Fallen Angels 1: Child of the Angel (ConCarolinas 2019)

Fallen Angels 1: Child of the Angel (ConCarolinas 2019)

Date: June 1, 2019

This took me a while to finally get rolling again but I have a new three parter ready to run at the cons.  This one is a little accelerated because I already have all three mapped out.  Originally one whole adventure, the three parts needed a little more fleshing out to make them individual adventures.  This one just needed one or two more encounters, one being a finale.

This adventure had two main phases and then the finale.  Part 1 was contact the Angel.  Some combat and investigation as well as a tense “avoiding trouble” encounter.   I decided to inject some Travel and Cloak & Dagger Quick Encounters with cards at the beginning but those took too long.  I may have to streamline those.  The second part was a Heist encounter that I rean as a modified Dramatic task.  That playtested well and this ran even better. I need to up the challenge in that situation however.

The finale started right at the 4 hour mark and it took an hour itself.  I did not plan it out well, however.  I definitely need to work on that.

This adventure was Earth (Erde) bound the entire time, which I was worried about.  But the players seemed to enjoy it regardless.  Started out in London (the remains of it) and then to some mountains in Germany and eventually the heart of Berlin.  It involved a secret cult within the SS as well as Waffen-SS regulars.

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Player Feedback:

Angel H: I thoroughly enjoyed the games you ran that I played at concarolinas this past weekend. I’m looking forward to MACE.

Joey M: My favorite has to be Ron’s Savage Reich Star game on Saturday night. While it did deprive me of an extra hour or two of sleep, the characters and story were fantastic. One of those where you are playing and you can see the movie version of the game being a big summer action blockbuster.

Mark F: I just wanted to say thanks again for running the game last night! It was really awesome! Reich Star is a very interesting setting. I also like alternate-history.