Sessions 01 – 02: Lemminkainen. The Funeral & The Outpost

Sessions 01 – 02: Lemminkainen. The Funeral & The Outpost

Dates: 5/1/2013 to 5/8/2013

Where: Leminkainen

A party is called to attend the funeral of a well known harkwood Baron on Leminkainen and his son. They were invited by his surviving son, Justinius. Justinius, a former Questing Knight, suspects his father was murdered and wishes the players to help him complete the work that might have been the motive of the murder – the search for the Mysterium Platonis – a series of artifacts that could reveal a network of planet-bound teleportation gates. The sheer existence of the gates could shatter the power of the Charioteers.

As a inadvertent test, Justinius asks the party to help him with one small problem. His people have lost contact with an outpost near the southern mines. They are sent to investigate and re-establish contact.


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