Lhalambra Arms

Lhalambra Arms

CEO : Lord Baryn Lhalambra – reclusive and understated elven leader of the corporation, he started in the Arms Guild as a squire and built his way up.  Few know that he is actually a dark elf.  Most believe it is a mutation and he is the only one of his kind.

CFO: Load Jharak Althidon – One of the front men for the company, Jharak is an elf who is strong willed and sometimes harsh.  He not only holds the purse strings but also controls the marketing of Lhalambra’s products.

Based out of Nestora, it is a conglomerate of several minor guilds.  Tired of being pushed around by the High Guilds, this group incorporated and fought back.  Instead of trying to become of a High Guild of Nestora, the spread out their clientele to other cities and towns.  They used a network of representatives and magical means to distribute product to their various markets.  They now have a major office in Karros and Vorakis, as well as representatives in man of the major towns.Lhalambra.ArmsBW

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