2 – Lifeforce & Jedi Knight Levels

2 – Lifeforce & Jedi Knight Levels


Before the Master Roll, the PC must be free of all obligations, but he can be in space or on a planet. As previously explained, the success or failure of this roll determines the success of failure of the PC search of a Master and learning of the beginnings of the Jedi way.

Once the Master roll succeeds, the new Jedi must build himself a new Ability Score called a Lifeforce (LF). To build a Lifeforce, the player must either transfer points from XP or transfer points from Ability Scores.

Building LF: The Jedi has the option to transfer no less than 1 and no more than 5 points from any Ability Score except PER/LDR to build his beginning LF. These points are then permanently subtracted from the Ability Score and allocated to LF. XP can be transferred to LF on a 1-to-1 basis.

A Lifeforce is the inner soul of the Jedi and measure the Level of the Jedi power and knowledge in the Force. The minimum the Jedi has to have to be 1st Level is 33. The Jedi cannot use his Level Abilities until his LF is at 33. The Lifeforce/Level table shows the progression of a Jedi’s Level as he increases his Lifeforce


1 33
2 55
3 78
4 108
5 135
6 165
7+ +20/per Level

Increasing and Restoring LF: Force points are gained through successful use of Level Abilities and Castings. To increase LF through the life of the Jedi, these points can be transferred to LF to increase it, on a 1-to-1 basis. Some Castings, on the other hand, require LF points to be spent. The first obligation of a Jedi once he receives Force Points for a successful cast, is to use them to restore LF.

Jedi Knight Levels

A Jedi progresses through life, gaining experience. As he does this, he builds up his Lifeforce and gains Jedi Levels. As a Jedi goes through Levels, he gains powers based on these Levels called Level Abilities. Once a Jedi has reached a level, he cannot go down, even if his Lifeforce (see Lifeforce) is lowered. These abilities have no Force Point cost to use, normally, unless otherwise stated.

A Jedi can use his Level Abilities to get Force Points (see Force Points) for later use in gaining Castings.

Below is the equation for Force Points gained from Level Abilities. This must be calculated after every use.

Level Ability Force Points (FPTs): [Success Rate/20] (rd) +1D6

Use Limitation: Level Abilities have a limit to how many times they can be used per standard day (20 hours). Usage is according to this table –

Level Ability Usage Table

Jedi’s Current Level Level of Ability
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 1 per day 2 per days 3 per day 4 per day 5 per day 6 per day
2 1 per day 2 per days 3 per day 4 per day 5 per day
3 1 per day 2 per days 3 per day 4 per day
4 1 per day 2 per days 3 per day
5 1 per day 2 per days
6 1 per day

Jedi Level Abilities

Jedi Level Level Abilities


Jedi must choose a Stellar Element: Void, Asteroid, Nebula, Star, Black Hole, Moon.

    • Levitation

The ability to move an object without touching it. Must be within sight and under his [STR rating X Jedi Level] in kilograms.

Lifting Height: (STR+STA)/20(rd) in meters.

Success Rate: 38% + 5% every level about 1st

    • Self-Camouflage

The ability to blend into one’s surroundings. Total camouflage from normal site. It also hides him from IR, UV and all other normal technology scanners.

Duration: (LF/5) (rd) turns.

Success Rate: 33% + 5% per Level above 1st


    • Fire Dart

The ability to throw small finger-sized missiles of burning flame.

Range: (Force Level/5)
in meters

DMG: (LF/20)(rd)d10

Success Rate: 28% + 5% per Level above 2nd

    • Telekinesis

Ability to move, break or bend objects with the Force. Range: (Force Level/10) (rd) meters.

Success Rate: 35% + 5% per Level above 2nd


    • Mind Craze

The ability to cause great pain to a target’s mind. The range of pain and its effect is based on the degree of success. On a roll of 01 to 05, the target falls unconscious. The GM shoud determine the result, otherwise. The possibilities range from the following :

      • Debilitating pain – Target cannot act for the duration or until he has a successful resistance roll.
      • Distracting Pain – Target has a penalty to act. -5 to -30 to any rolls

Success Rate: 42% + 5% per Level above 3rd

    • Jedi Sight

Multiple Uses –

      1. Infravision – Basic Infravision like a Infra-Scanners
      2. X-Ray – Can see through up to (STA/2)
        meters. For every 2 meters beyond, -5% per to the Success Rate.

Success Rate: 50% + 5% per Level above 3rd


    • Sleep Control

The ability to put someone or groups of people to sleep from a distance. Battle Rages Yazirians cannot be effected.

Maximum Number of people: (LF/30) (rd) X Level

Range: (Force Level) Meters

Duration: (LF/5)

Success Rate: 48% + 5% per Level above 4th

    • Combustion

When cast , anything combustible will catch fire. Anything Explosive will explode causing double (x2) damage.

Range: (Force Level/5)

Success Rate: 32% + 5% per Level above 4th


    • Fireball

The ability to throw a ball of fire as a ranged attack.

DMG: (LF/30)

Success Rate: 35% + 5% per Level above 5th

    • Jedi Melee

This ability enhances the Jedi’s ability to use Melee weapons, including his Lightsaber. On a success for use, the Jedi receives a Bonus to his Melee attacks.

Success Rate: 15% + 1/2 DEX
+ 5% per Level above 5th

Bonus: (Success Rate – Roll) to Melee


Full Jedi Knighthood – Receives pieces of the Light Saber.


Jedi ArmorAllows the Jedi to re-enforce Armor he is wearing or someone else is wearing with his Lifeforce, to fend against normal and supernatural attacks.

Success Rate: 48% + 5% per Level above 6th

Bonus: (Success Rate – Roll) to Armor in Structural points

    • Metabolic Alteration

The ability to completely change a substances metabolism, otherwise known as Alchemy. Contact is required.

Success Rate: 35% + 5% per Level above 6th


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