Palorax Island

Palorax Island

Red Bacta Smuggler’s Hideout, Formerly known as Casanil Island.

Former old Republic era research facility, abandoned and reclaimed by smugglers and slaves.


Level 10

Abandoned, heavy damage, possible collapse.  Included on this level is the Observation level, Upper Security, Sensors, Communications, Surface Radar and Air Traffic control, Defensive Systems Control. Weapons locker contains blasters, blaster charges.

Level 9

Abandoned, moderate damage.  Collapse Risk. Holes in the floor, damage supports.  Included on this level is the Upper Storage, Security Barracks, old Armory.  BOOBY TRAPS: Trip wired Explosives and other simple spring traps.

Level 8

Abandoned, moderate to heavy damage.  Included on this level is Research & more security barracks, other living facilities. BOOBY TRAPS: Trip wired Explosives, other simple spring traps, and sentry droids.

Level 7

Occupied. moderate damage with jury-rigged repair.  50+ smugglers in renovated barracks.  Once was upper research area, medical bays as well as command and executive level staff barracks. BOOBY TRAPS: Trip Alarms and stationary sentry droids.

Level 6

Occupied.  Light Damage.  Once was operations, first level research labs, operations centers, computer rooms, docking bay command & control, cargo receiving control.  It is now smuggler operations and base security as well as a central control for the base.  20+ smugglers and slavers.  10 slaves are forced to work menial tasks on this level (janitorial, general service to command).

Level 5

Occupied. Light Damage. Formerly the docking bay controls, cargo loading/unloading, cargo storage, it serves similar purpose for the smugglers and slavers. {Red Bacta Shipments here}.  60+ smugglers/slavers plus 20 slaves.

Level 4

Occupied. Light Damage. Formerly Cargo storage and processing. {Now it serves as primary process of the immortals in the red bacta tanks}.  30+ smugglers/slavers plus 10 slaves.


Level 3

Occupied. Light Damage, some water leakage.  Formerly second level research, security holding cells, computer core level 1, droid control center.  Now it is primarily used for red bacta storage.  10 smugglers/slavers.

Level 2

Occupied. Light Damage, some water leakage. Formerly more holding cells, and storage.  Now used for Slave storage.  Security on this level is explosive set to breach the outer walls to flood the level.

Level 1

Abandoned, partially flooded.  Formerly water processing and sewage. Geothermal generator as well as wave-mill generator.  Submarine docking bay and operations. Not used by the smugglers

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