Log Entry 2 – Ep. 1: The Shift Sands Incident

Log Entry 2 – Ep. 1: The Shift Sands Incident

The Lost Legacy lands on the desert near a trading post owned by a friend of Lianna’s.  They find it ransacked and a few well-armed sand rats hold up in the trading post.

The sand rats are part of a raiding party looking for a “black box” from an Imperial Scout ship.  One of their minions accidentally sold it to a trader with out the leader’s permission.  The trader was last seen at the post.

Lianna’s friend, a pregnant elf, was apparently kidnapped by the leader and taken to search for the ship the “black box” belonged to. Evidence found on the body of the dead trader gave the group an idea of where the ship was. After dealing the rats and waiting out a fire-sands storm, the group set out. In their search of the trading post, they picked up a companion – the traders Kobol servant.

En-route, the group encountered more sand rats, this time in the employ of a dark elf IPSD agent. Nothing survived Hryss sniper rifle. He too was apparently searching for the missing ship.

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