Log Entry 3 – Ep. 2: Timeless Mesa Part 1

Log Entry 3 – Ep. 2: Timeless Mesa Part 1

Leaving the ship behind, they took a dune crawler across the sands to chase down the sand rat party.  The coordinates of the black box found on the dead trader’s body lead them to a mesa out in the middle of the searing desert.  The odd thing was the top was blurred, but they assumed it was a mirage.

Climbing or flying to the top, the crew discovered that it was more than a mirage – it was some kind of magical barrier. A time barrier. The other side was an island, apparently thousands of years  in the past, with lush jungles and dangerous wild life.

Off shore, the heard the drums of war and realized they were caught up in the middle of the War with the Faceless Man, the ancient wars that turned Primogen IV into a desert. The could see war ships off shore, loaded with Orcs and Ogres, ready to invade.  But invade what?

Finding the ship became a priority, as the trekked through the dense jungle.  The ship was on a sliff, over looking a 200 foot drop into the ocean.  Signs of struggle and several bodies showed that the sand rats had encountered something. Other things they found were the ships cargo – 4 magical containers with the labels Kelvington-Wade Special Research Division (one of them which was broken open), a few coffin-like containers with half-dragon bodies in stasis, and tracks of something huge and dragon-like.  Also found in the databanks was the coordinates to a derelict ship where there were more of the magical containers – listed as “egg containers”.

Breaking out the half-dragons found them dead, but something was living inside them.  The stasis wasn’t for the bodies – it was for some kind of worm that was crawling inside the bodies head.

Jenquip that this looked like something too familiar – something related to an old enemy – the Ilithid.

Radik had an unfortunate encounter with one of the worm-creatures and if it wasn’t for the powers

Djunei proceed to bury the other containers before they left.  They also pushed the scout ship off the cliff.  The dragon-like tracks led further up the island mountain.  The kobol, apparently an expert on Primogen history, new that there was a fortress awaiting them.

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