Log Entry 5 – Ep. 2: Timeless Mesa Part 3

Log Entry 5 – Ep. 2: Timeless Mesa Part 3

The Crew wanted out and back to their normal time.  They knew they could not leave the sorcerer or the Faceless Man would have access to the modern knowledge locked up inside the half-dragon half-insane mind.  However, the crazy old magic user was probably not going to go of his own free will.

The sorcerer informed them that there was the proverbial back door to this tomb, if they were wiling to take it.  And, on an remote rock out-cropping just off-shore, he also admitted that he had devised an emergency exit to his time barrier, which they could use to get back.

They devised a plan to use a sleep potion to take out the sorcerer, set up explosives in the tomb/fortress to destroy whatever other modern equipment the sorcerer may have and send an advance team to clear the way to the exit.

The advance team went through the “back door” – a series of ancient dwarven tunnels deep in the one side of the volcano. Meanwhile, the off-shore armada had started it bombardment of the island.  The volcano, already showing some signs of instability, began to rumble and spew gas and smoke.

The journey through the dwarven tunnels proved to be a test, as much as getting past the orc patrols and the shore parties that had already landed on the beach.  The battling was intense, but they made it to the rock-outcropping and the gate.

Once they reached the rock out-cropping, the advance party gave the other group the signal to go a ascend the mountain. Using the remains of dragon-thing, the jury-rigged a hang-glider, which they flew to the ocean and swam to the out-cropping.

Knocking out the sorcerer with a potion after he activated the gate, the group jumped through as cannon fire took out the gate.

History says that the island exploded in a great fireball.

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