Lords of Creation Revised: Fantasy Professions

Lords of Creation Revised: Fantasy Professions

Note entirely sure these were finished.  Some may have gotten lost in whatever crash I had that lost the skills and powers.

Fantasy Professions are limited to that setting. In this setting, technological advancements are few, if not nonexistent. Engineers, for example, have a limited knowledge of types of material. The know nothing about steel girders. Warriors have no knowledge of projectile weapons. But as a starting Rank, the character can develop, which means, if the character does run into something not of his home setting, the character can still use any applicable skill, with some high Column Shifts, and after enough successes, the Column Shifts can be reduced and eventually eliminated; a sort of getting-used-to period.

The Professions available in the fantasy setting are Druid, Engineer, Entertainer, Scholar, Smith, Thief,Warrior, and Wizards. Notice these select few professions are the most skilled in the Fantasy society. The Lords only choose the best; those who stand out in their fields. Druids and Wizards are magical professions, and are listed in the magical system although, a short description is given here.


Druids, or Druidic Priests, are the religious magic-users who draw their power from the nature that surrounds them. Nature and the balance of life and being thrive with power. The Druid uses this power, usually to benefit nature, and life. They have a strong tie to nature, and an unmatched respect for life. See Magic/Psychic System.


Engineers are society creators; those few skilled individuals society depends on to build their roads, homes, or castles. In the fantasy setting, the Engineer is limited buy materials, and because of that, most choose to specialize in certain types of construction, thus the Construct Skills.

The most well known type of engineer is a dwarven one. Dwarves are traditionally very skilled in the Engineering arts. In all Fantasy settings, there is always at least one Engineers Guild, which is usually hard to get into for non-Dwarves, and is very traditional and set in their ways.
Skills available to the Engineer at Professional cost are:
Animal Care
Climbing (+)
Construct: Bridge
Construct: Building
Construct: Dock
Construct: Irrigation System
Construct: Sailing Ship
Construct: War Machine
Engineer: Civil (*+)
Engineer: General
Engineer: Mechanical (*+)
Engineer: Military (*+)
Engineer: Nautical
Languages: Old Tongue
Read/Write Common
Ride Mount(+)
Rock Work
Set/Spot Trap
Vehicles: Aquatic (*+)
Vehicles: Cart


Entertainers are the independent, gypsy-like nomads that roam the plains and deserts of the fantasy setting. They travel in large circuses, or small caravans. They stay out of most everyone’s business but their own, and expect others to do the same. Some don’t trust them because some are to skilled in their profession, and might end up paying more than normal price of a ticket to see them without knowing it.

Skills available to the Entertainer at Professional Cost are:

Animal Care
Animal Taming (+)
Animal Training(+)
Body Speak(*+)
Entertainer: Acting
Entertainer: Animals
Entertainer: Comedian/Clown
Entertainer: Dance
Entertainer: Escape Artistry
Entertainer: Music
Entertainer: Sing
Entertainer: Story Telling
Entertainer: Tumbling
Read/ Write Common
Ride Mount(+)
Weapons: Fighting Dagger
Weapons: Throwing Dagger


In the fantasy world, few are educated, at least as educated as Scholars; those few who attend the universities of their world to learn the lore of the Ancients. Scholars are rarely respected because of their attitude of the common folk. Some are mistaken for wizards because of their skills in alchemistry, or biology.

Professional Skills available to the Scholar are:

Intelligence *
Languages: Arcane
Languages: Old Tongue
Law (+)
Library Use
Magic Lore
Magic Sense
Mythos Lore
Read/Write Arcane
Read/Write Common
Read/Write Old Tongue
Ride Mount(+)
Rune Lore
Scroll Lore
Vehicles: Cart
Weapons: Warstaff


Smiths are the artisans of metal; they create works of art out of solid chunks of ore. The Fantasy world depends on them to make their jewelry, and their weapons.At times, the Engineer may require a service from a smith (nails, or support rods, etc.)

In some fantasy settings, smiths have gained enough respect and honor to gather in their own Guilds, which are very protective of their own, and very traditional, and ceremonial.

Skills available to the Smith at professional cost are:

Animal Care
Endurance *
Jewelry Making
Languages: Old Tongue

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