Lost Prehistorica: Lost Creatures

Lost Prehistorica: Lost Creatures

From: Dark Quest, LLC

Reviewed by: Ron McClung

Lost Prehistorica: Lost Creatures is a new d20 Fantasy Setting Supplement PDF from Dark Quest, LLC.

Lost Prehistorica is a fantasy setting created by Dark Quest, a setting of wild jungles and even wilder monsters. This was first created by the Lost Prehistorica d20 Sourcebook and Lost Creatures is a supplement to that game setting.

From the website: “Has your adventuring party ever wondered what was to be found on those parts of the map marked ‘Here there be monsters’?”

With no introduction, this PDF starts out with monsters and more monsters. It is assumed that you already know about what Lost Prehistorica is, but in reality these creatures can be plugged into any d20 setting. A total of 28 creatures are presented in this supplement. I could not find a lot of information or web support for this setting, but there is a little information on the publisher’s web site.

A complete list of the monsters are as follows: Ang-Kur, Bonegore, Chwepti, Cinder Ash, Deep Ooze, Ulret Dragon, Yarmas Dragon, El-El

Firebrander, Flash Ooze, Jekovar, Kamala, Kohu, Lake Lurker, Lazura, Magmasaur, Maqor, Nanjee, Niag, Osor, Pohei, Qetz, Soex, Storm Petal, Und, Vardu, Whip Bug, and Yenda. I know, the names do not tell you much. As the name implies, most are based on a mix of something prehistoric and fantasy creatures. The challenge ratings range from 1/6 to 15 as well as a +1 creature template (Cinder Ash).

Highlighting certain creatures:

Cinder Ash is more a template for creatures that have been caught in the eruption of a valcano and died. Sometimes when the eruption is caused by some supernatural event or power, Cinder Ashes are formed.

Firebranders, a race of tall, reptilian humanoids, with long arms and legs and a scaly red-orange hide, hale from the mountainous and volcanic areas. They are great warriors and weapons crafters. Included in this entry are player character stats.

Lake lurkers are tree-like creatures that have a long trunk composed of a tough plant material. Instead of branches, the lake lurker has 10-15 tentacle-like appendages it uses for grasp and attack.

A niag is a large, thin, four-legged creature with an oval body and a cobra-like head. These creatures have 4 black spherical eyes atop their head and attack with a poisonous bite and a wall of fire.

Most entries include a round 1, 2 and 3 action description of what the creature typically does in combat. This is quite handy. All the creatures that are sentient races can be played as characters have player character traits list. The art is outstanding. I consider myself an aficionado of creature art and this supplement has quality art.

Overall, this is an interesting supplement with imaginative creatures. It is fairly useful in most any d20 fantasy setting with a little tweaking, as are most creature supplements. It is a decent quality supplement.

For more details on Dark Quest, LLC and their new d20 Fantasy Setting Supplement PDF “Lost Prehistorica: Lost Creatures” check them out at their website http://www.darkquest.com.

Lost Prehistorica: Lost Creatures

From: Dark Quest, LLC

Type of Game: d20 Fantasy Setting Supplement PDF

Written by: Jesse Mohn

Contributing Authors: Neal Levin, Joanne G. Hurley, Angela Noll Mohn

Line Developed by: David Woodrum

Cover Art by: Steve A. Roberts

Additional Art by: Jesse Mohn

Number of Pages: 45

Game Components Included: One PDF file

Game Components Not Included: d20 Core Rule books

Website: www.darkquest.com

Reviewed by: Ron McClung