Loyalty to duty before anything else

Loyalty to duty before anything else

One of the things that Cyrus is struggling with in this new turn in life is loyalty to his friends.  The Charioteers have always been friends with the Muster.  But the Code says “loyalty to the contract” is first.  This new contract with Justinius Hawkwood has brought up too many feelings Cyrus thought he left behind.  And even though his loyalties to Hawkwood have long been forgotten, the echo of his wife’s memory is all to clear these days.

The Guild drill in your head – stay loyal to the contract, regardless of who it puts you up against.  Loyalty tot he Guilds is secondary.  It’s strictly business.  However this job could spell the downfall of the most powerful Guild in the League.  Too many unknowns.  Too many possibilities.  And too many people Cyrus can not make himself trust.

The only the he can do at this point is stay loyal to the contract.

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