Species: Near-human

Type: Supernatural Demonic Human Cross-breed

Origin: Western Asia

Strength 12
Constitution 6
Agility 13
Intelligence 6
Education 7
Charisma 5
Empathy 5
Initiative 4
Move 3/10/20/35
Skill/Dam 7/4d6
Hits 40/60
Appear 1

Documented Notes

Lude is said to be a cross-breed between a human and a satyr-demon. Personified as evil by the “worshippers of the Old Gods (Chrstians), Lude has no shame in admitting his demonic origins. It is they who label him evil. He truly is just a child at heart, being the prankster of Midian whenever he can.

He was abandoned by his mother at an early age, but after a long journey in the mountains (which is a tale he will spin for you for hours), he was able to survive and find his mother in a convent. There, he was able to force her to break her vow of silence with a laugh and they lived together until she died.

Add-ins & Elaborations

Lude is the practical joker of the group, even in serious situations. However, he is also a great warrior, very learned in the martial arts (learned from a monk in the mountains while on his search for his mother.) Lude is also Leroy’s best friend

Natural Weapons/Abilities

Claws, teeth, horns

Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Human & Darkling Empathy.



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