MACE 2003 Review

MACE 2003 Review

Well, it’s been a few weeks and I’ve had time to really think back to MACE. This year was unbelievable. This had to be one of the (if not THE) best MACE Conventions ever.

This year was the hardest I’ve worked on a MACE. Not only did I have to do the non-affiliated gaming thing, but I also had to play a stronger role in coordinating with the RPGA.

Before I highlight, I have to mention the most important person in all this that, without her, it would not have been possible. That person is my wife, Stephanie. Not only did she work her butt off at the Con and helped me keep my sanity, she tolerated my long hours of work at home the weeks before, supported me when I needed it and all this while being pregnant. I worked a little too hard during the Con and left her at the table alone too long, too often, but she forgave me for that. She is my rock and the greatest wife anyone could ask for. If it wasn’t for her, I sincerely doubt I would be getting all these thanks and congradulations because I truly believe without her, it wouldn’t be possible.

Thanks baby…

Now to highlight…

A large percentage of the RPGA tables made, and I hope everyone left satisfied. I have to thank the RPGA Coordinators, Barbara T and her team, for putting everything together and doing such a good job. FANTASTIC work!

I ran three games myself, as well as coordinated Killer. All three of my games made, and Killer had 12 players. That was outstanding. Killer didn’t have a clear winner and we obviously have to refine the rules so killing is a little easier.

Over all, non-affilliated games were packed. Matt Holmquist’s D&D Dungeon survival had full tables all the time. Blood bowl was a success. Most all other special events had players and were playing hard. However, the Deadlands LARP did not enough have players, which was a disappointment, but they did end up playing the game as a table top which I heard was quite fun.

Also the RPN had a several tables of Star Wars and Heroes by Gaslight full, as wel as D&D. Harnmaster ran constantly all weekend and the Unisystem tournament had players for all four sessions.

And The LARP was apparently extremely successful! 85 Players!!

The Celebrity Game had players, and we raised a lot of money between that and the Auction for our Charity. The Celebrities were great, and in fact we had one more than we planned. Greg Porter of BTRC showed up demoing his new card game F*ck This! Shane Hensley, Chris McGlothlin and Steve Long were all great and we were honored to have them at our Con.

There was a TON of gaming going on and I want to thank all the GMs for their hard work and effort put into it. Most notable – Rick Desautel and the Harn team, Mike Brannon, Keith Burkhead, Warren Buff, Chris Fisher and Chris Jarrett, Don Bessinger, Daniel Earp and his wife Betty, Winston Walker, Steve Gibbs, Ryan Jackson, Matt Hargenrader, Matt DeForrest and Greg Gershowitz and his RPN team for all their hard work. I know I missed names, but those are the names that stand out to me right now in my somewhat barely-able-to-stay-awake state. You all did a great job and made MACE 2003 the best one yet.

Several GMs stepped up and filled slots I needed filled where other GMs didn’t show. Nite Morrison and Brandon Blue were two guys I remembered that helped out a lot when I needed them. I had five GMs not show, but as I understand it, there were extenuating circumstances for all cases.

Another person I’d like to recognize and should have at the Con is Mark Furr – a GM that ran three games, and played in Killer, Mega-Diplomacy and several other board games through out the weekend. He wins my Iron-man award.

I have to say that overall this was the best MACE I have been a part of since I started. We had considerable growth, broke records on money raised for charity contribution and I don’t think I have ever seen so many games being played. Attendance was very high (close to 400) and I believe most everyone walked away happy.

I had no major disappointments through out the weekend, and left quite satisfied with my gaming experience at MACE. AWESOME weekend, and I look forward to a good weekend at StellarCon in March (my next project).

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