Ships maintenance log

Ships maintenance log

Sequence 1-24-04

Details of maintenance governing materials and work for the last 30 days on a per job basis.

    1. Performed routine maintenance on all main systems. Replaced CO2 scrubbers, tested all emergency warning systems, ran diagnostics on all backup emergency systems.
    2. Removed clogging debris from water reclamation system. *recommend installing a high capacity hair trap on the shower system to accommodate the….. more hair endowed crew.
    3. Found several dents and holes in section of wall behind crew’s dartboard. Patched/repaired same. Removed dartboard and installed reinforced backing on wall area, removed 2 arrowheads and 6 bullets from target area during this repair. Replaced dartboard with note warning of probable ricochet for any further gun use at target.
    4. Mounted suggestion box in recreation room for ideas and special requests from crew.
    5. Repaired coffee machine in galley. Required full disassembly and cleaning of pump housing, internal components, and replacement of all seals and gaskets. After reassembly posted sign showing research into something called a double espresso.

In fact this item does not require the brewed coffee to be poured back into the machine and a second brewing cycle run. Asked doctor about why this item has such a misleading name . helped to clean up mess made by Aforementioned crewmember after assuring myself that the coughing fit was indeed nothing serious and promised to repair same’s favorite mug.

  • Removed redesigned and built pilot’s “left hand” console .. again. Inquired to pilot as to how buttons could all break from simply being out of “proper position”. Got long reply as expected but no discernable answer.
  • Installed mirror in Djunei’s quarters. Inquired as to what this item was for. Received strange….”look” and was told to “get the @#% out”. Perhaps this is some form of calming ritual that has been missing for far too long.
  • Installed modified long range comm gear in captains quarters with new descrambling system. Inquired to captain as to what is this movie channel system that seems to be so popular. Answer was that I would not understand and I must agree with captains assessment.
  • Looked in on new crewmember to see if any adjustments are needed for him. After having conversation I must agree with earlier beliefs that this individual is indeed several glorshans short of a full quelish. * note to me. Need to obtain a copy of this game. It may do wonders for crew morale. Need to address this at next crew meeting, also need to make sure that all crew are willing to devote the 3 months to a game.
  • Took down suggestion box after reviewing crew requests. Posted sign that most of the requests are not only physically impossible but also would no doubt get me arrested on many heavy agricultural worlds.


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