Major Kla’al

Major Kla’al

Defel Scout, played by Mike G.

When the FarStar needs a good picture of what’s on a planet’s surface and a subtle way to gather information on its inhabitants without notice, the crew sends a scout team led by the Defel Kl’aal.

After the Mission was over

No one knows…

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  1. OK…Kla’al

    Things he has noticed on the ship…

    Being in the shadows has its advantages. Someone is instigating a possible mutiny. someone high up in the chain. There is talk of taking the ship. The latest agents of this that you have sort of ben following is a guy named Hamron, and Petty Officer in one of the lower decks that handles storage and supplies of some nonessentials. He seems to be feeding a group here, and person there, ideas of taking the ship, saying the captain is under the control of Darkstryder. He seems harmless otherwise, but he is having an effect. He says he is following the orders of someone “big,… someone who’s been on the bridge.”

    Also, the things that have been happening lately also concern you a little. Look at the situation from Kla’al point of view. THe captain falls ill, and Gorak suddenly is everyone’s buddy. Not only does he try to be a better captin, but he also arranges for half of the captains new personal fighting force (The Night Terrors), to go on a mission. Next, you think he might try to take out Slave.

    AS for the Qektoth guy, you thought it was odd that a human had the same ability as you. Even though you could see him, he still was able to blend in real well, and stay out of site from everyone else. He even smelled like Defel to you.

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