Malrath Valley

Malrath Valley

Malrath Valley is a small region south of Nestora, that includes the town Gilkan and a large patch of farmlands.  The people of Gilkan, primarily humans, are simple farmers that supply the Beer Barons with the finest hops and barley.  But the fine crops are not the only thing that Gilkan is known for.  It is also known for one of the most stunning garden parks on the continent, known as Golem Grave.

The population of Gilkan are primarily human and are commonly called simple because they follow a strict anti-technology and anti-magic doctrine of their church.  However, that does not seem to affect their production levels.  This is a point of pride to their people.  The predominant religion is called Dhullitism, named after Father Va’a’Dhull, a human cleric who saw the damages of the Chaos Wars and chose a path devoid of both tech and magic.

The most dominant feature of Gilkan is what they called the Golem’s Grave.  It is a luxurious garden park built by the original founders around what they call the Golems of the Gods.  Standing throughout the garden are statues that appear to be stone and metal frozen in strange positions.  These statues look like humanoid armored suits of some kind.  All are about human sized except one in the center of the garden, which is 2 or 3 times larger than human sized. No one knows who made the statues or how they got there.  There does not seem to any magical properties to them.

The land in the valley is incredibly fertile and produces some of the best grains in the region.  It is part of a fief ruled by the Beer Barons and under the protection of their mercenaries.


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