Pregens: Marauding Angels of Crimson Eternity (MACE Gang) Character Backgrounds

Pregens: Marauding Angels of Crimson Eternity (MACE Gang) Character Backgrounds

Arabrak Treasurebrow (Dwarf, male)


Arabak was born into a family of smiths under the Southern Mountains in a tribe of nomadic dwarves. Arabak’s father was a monk of the religious caste of their people. He was a expert martial artist as well as a skilled blacksmith. “Before you learn to forge steel, you must learn to forge your hands of steel.” was something is father commonly said.

The dwarf tribe was known as The Heirs of Stone. They were well-known craftsmen, warriors and tradesman. They were also skilled guides through the tunnels and underground ruins of the Southern regions. While wondering these regions, Arabak grew curious of ancient Saurian technology.

Early on in his adolescence, Arabak was known as a “ladies’ man,” able to easily establish rapport of trust, friendship, or even love with members of the opposite sex. He had many partners through his adolescence but never settled down with anyone.

Combining all his talents and interests, Arabak commonly found himself in the employ of noble dwarven ladies primarily doing martial-type jobs like bodyguard, escort, or champion. Some jobs went well, others less so. He began gravitate to those who in need of adventurers and relic hunters. It was a matter of time before Arabak joined a team of relic hunters.

Bara-Zay Muugalus (Saurian, male)barazay

Bara-Zay was born to a family of wasteland raiders and pirates, both parents craftsmen of weapons and armor (and members of the raider equivalent of a Scavenging Guild). They commonly struck corporate and Guild caravans travelling between the city-states. The raiders primary hide was the ruins of a lost city that rested between volcanic wastelands and a sewage swam; a place they called Dead City. They were very adept at using and reviving old Saurian tech found in these ruins.

As he grew up, Bara-Zay showed great leadership qualities. He won the Armor of Death’s Hope in the Trials of Amber Mire, which was a great honor to his people. He lead one of the most successful raids of his people, taking in a consider boon of gold and technology from AlphaSys Inc., a major Guild corporation in Nestora. These and many other achievements lead Bara-Zay to earn a leadership position within the band.

However, Bara-Zay’s “kingdom” came tumbling down when a coalition of Guilds and corporations raided the Dead City, killing many and taking Bara-Zay prisoner. However, after a year of imprisonment, Bara-Zay proved his talents enough to the Guilds that they made him an offer. The offer was to work and live among the raiders, treasure hunters and relic mages and be the Guild’s agent for anything they would be interested in. If he was caught, they would disavow all connections to him and it surely would mean his death, but they offer him freedom and a good life for he and his family within Nestora.

Bara-Zay’s personality is largely misunderstood by most. He comes across as cold, calculating and emotionless. In truth he is simply passive, thoughtful and very well-organized.

Filverel Wysmaris (Elf, male)


Born into a upper class family of High Elves, Filverel (Fil) was restless for the start. Learning and questing was something deep in his heart. He yearned to pursue these endeavors even while being forced to Apprentice as a Mage for his people. His father was a Grand Mage and his mother a header. Upon coming of age, Fil turned his back on his family determined destiny and sought other pursuits journeying the wastelands.

His people were at constant war with the local Orc tribes and most were too stubborn to leave. But Fil left despite being seen as a traitor and coward. He felt his destiny was elsewhere. He saw his people as weak, adhering an old and outdated fanatical religion and claiming their land was a holy place. He saw nothing holy about an old forest.

But that faith returned after spending much of his adolescence with an old human mage who taught everything he knew about Magic. Adwarin – the old Mage – was a human raised by elves and he understood Fil and his struggles with who is. He helped Fil face his destiny and the shame of leaving his people. And when Adwarin was killed by a band of the same Orcs, Fil realized he could not escape his destiny.

Fil returned to find his family and his people wiped out, the forest burned down. The Orcs had found new leadership and new armaments. The Elves of Aubron Woodlands were gone. Signs were left behind that some were captured and taken by an Orc king. There was only one thing to do. Find what remained of his people.

The Orc king sold the survivors to Saurian slaver from Karros, the great fortified city ruled by the Triumvirate Golems. Getting in and out of Karros is no easy task for one person. Getting out with a crowd of escaped slaves is near impossible.


Gwyneth Hart (Human, female)

Born into a now disbanded warrior clan called the Order of Orakis, this group was the royal guard and elite of the leader of a human kingdom on Orikrais Island, in the south sea. Unfortunately, royal king’s brother – Balthier Malum – betrayed him and the Order was abolished. Gwyneth herself was on a sea vessel sailing to a training mission when it was attacked by pirates loyal to the Royal brother. She was the only survivor and washed up on shore near the Citystate of Nestora.

Although she had not completely earned her Armor, Shield and Blade, she was able to salvage all three from her dead comrades that washed up on shore. Although it is a dishonor for the uninitiated to wield these items, Gwyn is not sure what the Honor of Orakis is anymore or whether it matters or not. She wants revenge and wants to restore the Honor of her order but is not sure she alone can do it. She has a seething hatred of the royal brother but that alone will get her nowhere.

For now, she is a wondering mercenary. The only lead she has been able to find is that Balthier has had recent trade dealing with the Golems of Karros. He now has a house inside the walls of Karros.


Mallendra Loraquin (Half-Elf, female)

Born into a Merchant family inside Nestora proper, Mallendra always had an eye for finding and hunting things. Unfortunately, this took her down a bad path in her adolescence as she got involved with petty theft and gang activity in Nestora. This path lead her directly into a jail cell at an early age.

But her father was always there for her, even posting bail for her minor crimes. He helped her get out of the gang life, and at one point, had to fight the gang leader for her freedom. The gang disbanded once they were leaderless. It is still something she has never told her mom about, at her father’s request.

But things took a dark turn again when her parents slip up over a mysterious reason. They never told the 5 children why daddy had to go away, and afterwards, he mother remained distant for years. Her mother left the city after all the children where on their own. Mallendra joined the city guard for a time, until the corruption soured her taste of it. After being framed for killed her entire unit in a battle with bandits on the north side of Nestora (in which she received a severe back injury and lost a hand, both now replaced with cybernetics), she left the guard to become a bounty hunter. She had hoped that going independent might help her route out the corruption from the outside.

Her mother died a few short years ago, and the family never heard from their father. She now seeks him out to find out why he left. In her search, while searching the Rust mountains north of Nestora, she discovered a artificially-made hidden doorway with a big stylized “G” on the door. A scholarly friend told her that it was the symbol of a pre-Cataclysm Saurian corporation that made robots or golems. This door was impenetrable but it had a keyhole. That key could open secrets long forgotten.


Xuth Kugra (Half-orc, Cyborg, male)



Born into a noble human family, they hid the nature of his true origin (an Orc raped his mother). Xuth trained was a apprentice to his father, who was a famed warrior and scholar of the Chaos Wars who taught at the local military school.

Most people knew nothing of his Orc-side and just assumed he was naturally strong and a gifted warrior. Once the Orc side of his genetics began to show during his late adolescence, he was banished from the town. Unable to do anything about it, his parents turned their backs on him.

He wandered the wastelands, joining the occasional band of cutthroats and thieves when they needed a good fighter. Anger inside him, blaming his biological father for his plight. He eventually found himself searching for his bio-dad in hopes of enacting some twisted version of revenge on him. He had very few leads, however. He only had what his human father told him before Xuth left his hometown.

The quest was not entirely fruitless, however. It eventually lead to a group of Orc bandits hiding out in the hills near the Rift, the bottomless canyon that opened up in the Broken Spire Mountains during the Cataclysm. Unfortunately for Xuth, they were not easy to surprise. Somehow, they knew he was coming and set a trap.

They did not kill Xuth right away, but instead used him as a test subject for their next job. They forced him to enter a long lost vault that they hoped contained lost Saurian tech or treasure. Xuth found what they were looking for, but unfortunately for the Orcs, it was not what they were expecting. All Xuth remembers after being forced into the vault was waking up with all the Orc dead around him, savagely massacred and his body forever changed.

Some kind of cybernetic entity had adhered to his body, giving him a thick armor layer and gradually giving him new abilities. He can not take it off, however and can feel it slowly consuming his flesh and replacing it with cybernetics.

Xuth is bitter, vengeful and at times, cold. He has a dark side that people fear and rarely shows a light side.

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