Masters of Horror: Intriguing and Refreshing

Masters of Horror: Intriguing and Refreshing

I’ve been watching the Masters of Horror series on Netflix download and am very pleasantly surprised by the quality of horror in these series. I’ve decided to comment on the five shows I have watched so far.

Incident On and Off a Mountain Road 
“A young woman with a dark past matches wits with a deformed and sadistic serial killer.”

This was a great episode.  I however got the feeling that less was putinto the serial killer than could have been.  He just seemed like aconglomeration of different serial killer we have seen.  Maybe it isbecause of the 1 hour format.

H.P. Lovecraft’s Dreams in the Witch-House
A college student discovers a plot by sinister, otherworldly forces to sacrifice his neighbor’s infant.”

I read (most) of this story and this was as close as you could get to thestory in a modern format. It was very true to the story in most details. I likedthe story but as a father I hate watching kids die or get killed.

“A police officer saves the life of a hideously deformed young woman, only to find himself drawn into a web of murder and self-destruction.”

This once intrigued me but in the end it disappointed me.  I found ithard to believe.  Once the girl killed the cat, I would have had the girl back in the asylum they put her in originally.  I guess the sexual need the guy had once his wife left drove him to keep her around but I am not sure I can believe that and I do nto think they portrayed that well enough.  Regardless, it was imaginative but simple not believable.

“A recently divorced young man begins experiencing the world through the senses of a woman he’s never met.”

This is the movie with the guy from E.T. I did not get it.  It was OK but I did not get why he was feeling what she was feeling.  There was no reason for it.  I thought they would throw that in as a last minute surprise but they didn’t.  This is my least favorite so far. And what was with the sneezing?

Cigarette Burns
“A man searches for the last surviving print of a rare film that allegedly drove the only audience that ever viewed it into a fit of homicidal frenzy.”

This was an incredible episode and by far my favorite so far. Very cool andimaginative episode.  Awesome. Like The Ring on crack.

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