Max Dreaded – Elf Mage Hunter

Max Dreaded – Elf Mage Hunter

Born into a noble family, Max was part of a large family with 5 other siblings.  Fifth in line to the title, Max knew his destiny would lie elsewhere.  Unknown to him, however, there was much more to his bloodline and destiny.  Max’s noble family were descended from a line of elves who were once used as spies and assassins a long time ago.  They are called the Amathyra. Long before the Cataclysm,  saurian scientists bio-engineered the Amathyra with a changeling ability to morph their faces to any humanoid person of similar build – human, elf, half-elf, etc.

The Cataclysm gave the Amathyra their freedom from their saurian masters.  Settling as far as north as they could, the Amathyra formed their own society and purposely drove their history into obscurity.  Their leaders sought to erase everything about their enslavement, including finding a way to suppress their changeling ability.  It was a new era for the Amathyra.  

Their leaders felt that elves were already mistrusted by many and a changeling ability was not going to help. The Amathyran mages eventually developed a magical serum that counteracted their ability.  After several generations, the serum seemed to have a permanent effect as the changeling effect appeared to have faded and eventually it was forgotten and considered myth.  Only the noble leaders and their religious caste of the Amathyra know the truth and watch for any signs of re-emergence.

Max, completely ignorant of his people’s legacy, was already a blacksheep of the family.  Growing up in a region called the Hidden Gold Fjords, was primarily raised by his father and his servants.  At an early age, Max’s mother – Ivaanu – left after the sixth child was born under mysterious circumstances.  Of all her children, Max never felt his mother’s love and she always had more scorn for him.  Max never knew the reason, but felt that maybe it was why she left.

His father – Lord Othiashel  or Othie – was known to be foppish and disheveled, never really looking appropriately noble.  Not one for protocols and etiquette, Othie was an official of the noble court and developed enemies within.  One of those enemies was his step-brother – an elf Max knew as Uncle Gilgolor – was a mage known to delve into the chaotic arts.  This hatred somehow boiled over to Max for some unknown reason as well and continues to this day.

It was within the traditions of the Amathyran to use marriages to represent and reinforce political alliances.  Many of these marriages are arranged early on.  Max was not immune to this and currently has a wife-to-be awaiting back at home, signifying an alliance between his family and a former rival family.  Unfortunately for her, his life choices have kept him from sealing that deal.

Early on, Max never took his role as a noble child seriously, always the rebel in the family.  He commonly liked to cause trouble among the older nobles, by stealing trinkets and bobbles from the various manors he was invited it.  This was funny at the time but became rather serious when he was caught stealing more valuable heirlooms from council members.  He was forced into a private boarding school for the majority of his childhood as a result.

During his  stay in the boarding school that he gained the notice of a professor who admired his drive and rebellious nature.  This professor – a human named Viggos Fannbergasson – trained the boy in various skills that he felt he may need in the future.  These included blaster pistol shooting and knowledge of the dark arts (after Viggos found out who is Uncle was.).  Viggos in turn utilized his thievery skills for his needs. Viggos became more of a father than his own father during this time.  His concern for Max’s life drove to help Max become a skill defender against the Chaos magics.  However, this relationship caused the one with his real father to suffer some.  It was Viggos that convinced him to forgo any noble obligations (like his betrothal) and pursue whatever life he chose, as he saw his talents grow.  This drove a wedge between Max and his father that has yet to be repaired.

Toward the end of his schooling, Viggos felt he had taught him all he could at this level of learning.  Viggos said that in order to learn more, he had to join Viggos on a new journey that would take him beyond simple school and book learning.  Viggos revealed that he was a member of a religious order of warrior priests called the Judges of the Iron Missives.  Their order dates back to the Chaos Wars and are one of many that keep a watchful eye out for Chaos magic.  They hunt chaos witches, destroy chaotic artifacts and eliminate chaotic creatures, in service of the one true god – the Supreme Order.  Viggos told him that it was his choice, but if he chose not to follow this path, the only other choice was to return to his home and follow is noble destiny.

Since then, he has trained to he a Mage Hunter for the Order, while still keeping tenuous tabs on his family and people.  Early in his training, he got word that his oldest brother, Lorsan –  the heir – had died in a construction accident.  This devastated him but he was at a point in his training, he could not leave the Order.  This only drove the wedge between him and his father even deeper.  The second oldest – Malgath – became the heir but since then, evidence that Max has found has lead him to believe that the death was no accident and that Malgath probably had something to do with it.

The one younger sibling, a sister  named Keelen has recently joined the Autonomous Front in Nestora after leaving a promising medical career.  She is called Roseblossom within the AF.


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