08.0 Racial Specialties:
Star Frontiers Profession Specialty System

08.0 Racial Specialties:

Racial Specialty Skills are skill that a PC may receive when entering a specific specialty, based in the PC’s race. How the PC gets the skill is dependent on the skill; some are like Racial Abilities and are automatically acquired, while others have to be bought like normal professional skill. This would be listed under the Prerequisite of the skill.

Tor’Drani Rangers

Outpost Knowledge

Pre-req: Tor’Drani as a race; get it automatically as a Racial Ability.

Success Rate: Skill Level + (INT Mod)

Being an Tor’Drani Ranger has a special meaning amongst Tor’Drani. They know specific secrets about the Tor’Drani society. Because of the nature of the Tor’Drani ‘s way of life, a Ranger is an essential part of it. Tor’Drani ships are always straying across unexplored territory, and occasionally they will come across points of interest. Some of the Tor’Drani tech require special material that is only found at these points of interest. The Tor’Drani Rangers are trained to know these points of interest, called Tor’Drani Outposts. Sometimes the outpost is referred to by the type; Special Material Outpost, Refueling outpost, Resupply Outpost or Storage Outpost.

These outposts are sometimes “manned” with personnel, others are robotic, but all of them are secret. Tor’Drani try not to reveal their location to outsiders but sometimes necessity demands it. This gives the Outpost a rating or Secrecy Class, basically representing how secret it is; on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the most secret or top secret. Outpost Class 1 s are usually the ones most protected and manned by live personnel. Outpost 2s are ones that are considered secret for the time being, but outsiders can learn of them only if severe circumstances require it.

This skill can be used for several things:

  1. A luck roll for a chance there is an outpost nearby in a time of need. This type of use is left at the judgment of the GM – the type of supplies and the Secrecy Class it is , etc. It is not recommended to overuse this type roll.
  2. General knowledge and/or specific knowledge of Tor’Drani Outposts. This type is usage is the most common. When the Tor’Drani come across an Outpost, a successful roll means that the Tor’Drani knows any information about the Outpost.
  3. When a special need comes up. When a special need comes up and there is a chance that this need might be fulfilled by a Tor’Drani Outpost, the GM may allow a roll for the Tor’Drani Ranger to come up with a few possible Outposts that might have help out. The exact information is up to the GM.

This skill should always be monitored by the GM, and all information should be at he GM discretion.

Yazirian Soldier

Battle Fury

PreReq: Yazirian as a race; automatically get it as a Racial Ability.

Success Rate: Battle Rage%+ 20% per level of Battle Fury (Levels are bought at professional cost.)

The Yazirians are well known as fierce fighters, and they are even more fierce when their life’s enemy is involved. When a Yazirian enters the specialty Soldier, they are trained to focus their combat energies on their life’s enemy. This type of training bring about an incredible fierceness when they actually go against their life’s enemy. This is represented in Battle fury, an add-on skill to the Yazirian Battle Rage and represents the Yazirian’s ability to focus their rage. The rage is more controlled and focused, allowing for better benefits. However, Battle Fury can not be engaged with out the presence in some way or another, of the Yazirian’s life’s enemy. This skill virtually replaces the Yazirian’s Battle Rage when the his life’s enemy is involved.

The benefits of Battle Fury are as follows:

  • +2 CS to Melee Combat
  • +2 CS to Ranged combat
  • +15 to STR for Punching Score and lifting purposes.

Duration: Battle Fury lasts at most Level x 5 in turns, or until it is “shut off” but the player.

Wen’Tri Mystic

Teleport: Astral Projection

PreReq: LOG>= 95; Successful Astral Projection & Teleport: Limited

Success Rate: Skill Level

Limit: 1 use per level per day; must rest a full 20 hour period after a complete Teleportation.

The mysterious Wen’Tri has hidden psionic powers that few have tapped. Some of the best mentalist schools are located within Wen’Tri Space, and most are dedicated to establishing the highest levels in mental awareness in all, especially Wen’Tri . When a Wen’Tri goes into Mystic training, someare able to go deep within their mental selves and are able to find the “Power of the Ancients”; Teleport: Astral Projection.

This power combines the power of Astral Projection and Teleport: Limited. It enables the Wen’Tri to first Astral Project his Astral Self to anywhere. This target area must be either within sight of the Wen’Tri or familiar to the Wen’Tri in some way; must have visited it previously, either in person or in Astral Self. Then the Wen’Tri slowly Teleports himself through this Astral connection. The power takes (LOG/Level) in hours. Using this power suspends the time limitations of normal Astral Projection. The Teleportation can be to anywhere; meters away, kilometers away, or light years away.

The Wen’Tri Mystic is barely aware of the distance traveled once its over. This Specialty Discipline is bought like other disciplines, at normal cost