Minion: Vampiric ETs

Minion: Vampiric ETs


The Vampiric E.T.s or Vampets are vicious race of alien vampires. This race is one of the many vampiric type races that contributed to the Vampire Legends of Earth. They are very tall, and bipedal. They have an elongated, egg-cone shaped head, two eyes, and a fang-lined mouth. They have two rows of fangs, each serving there own purpose; one pair is used to remove the blood from the victim, the other is to inject the parasite into the blood-stream. They also have a unique pair of glider wings, that can extend out from their rear-arms. They also have a glider-wing membrane in the under-arm area, used for control. One of the more frightening things is to have a Vampet suddenly extend it wings in full attack posture, hissing its battle cry.

Vampets are very blood thirsty. At times, they abduct whole towns at once to feed on. They feed on the adrenaline of human fear, via their blood stream. Afterwards, they can choose to inject a parasite through their second pair of fangs that will reside in the victim for a certain amount of time, keeping the victim barely alive. The parasite is unable to stop any of the death processes, like rotting, and pale skin, but is able to control the victims muscle movement, and brain. This allows the Vampets to develop their own court of slaves, even though they are only temporary.

One of the more unfortunate things about the Vampets, at least for human kind, is they have technology equal if not superior to the Humanoid E.T’s Tech, although widely different in structure and composition. Vampet Tech is more organically originated. If they don’t enslave their victims, they use them for “parts”. The human body is the perfect machine, and can be used for many things, according to the Vampets. They never waste anything. Everything is reusable, or recycled. They have the technology to manipulate human flesh into what ever the need, from computers to robots, from tools to everyday things. However, after this process is done, an outside human being would never be able to guess without proper analysis, that the creation was made from human flesh.

The Vampet is very hard to kill. They have a thick hide that acts as armor and have a very nasty natural defense; when wounded, a liquid substance is secreted which immediately evaporates into a paralyzing gas. Contrary to belief. this is not their blood, but simply a natural defense. Any victim near the Vampet when he is wounded must role Constitution (Difficult) to escape the paralysis, if they don’t have any type of gas mask protection. They are sensitive to bright light, and only move around during the evening on earth. During the day, the sleep deep in their ship’s bowels, in the organically created nest, where they also keep there victims cocooned in human skin. They are particularly vulnerable during their sleep, and must roll Empathy (Difficult) to detect anyone approaching them.

One of their extreme weaknesses is an allergy to crystals, especially the ones that make up Vampiric Swords (See Dark Tech source book); Vampiric swords will kill the Vampet instantly, but in doing, will also destroy the crystals. They take double damage from any crystalline weapons, and take ld10 damage from just touching crystals. One final note about the Vampets; they not only feed on humans, but can feed on other races, and have before. In fact, Humanoid ETs are a delicacy amongst their kind. However, this little fact has made the Vampets a little unpopular among the other ET races. They view the Bloodkin Dark Minion race as, a genetic mistake made by their ancestors, even though the Bloodkin come from another proto-ditnension. Due to this kind of outlook towards the other Dark Races, the Vampets tend to work alone.

Vampiric E.T.s
Strength: 6Education: 15Move: 5/10/25
Constitution: 8Charisma: 8Skill/Dam.:7/ldlO
Agility: 9Empathy: 9Hits: 16/32
Intelligence: 9Initiative: 5# Appear: ld6

The Vampets glide at 35.

NOTE: Treat the Vampets as having an overall armor value of 1. They Heal completely if they make to their nest and sleep for an hour. They attempt all skills at one difficulty level higher in bright light and are killed instantly if hit with a Vampiric Sword with damage of 8 or more.

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