Other Slugthrowers d6

Other Slugthrowers d6

Skill: Firearms

Misc Slugthrowers
Weapon Type Type Fire Rate Fire Control Damage Range- S/M/L Ammo Price Ammo Price
Brodie”Metalstorm” Needler Rifle 0 4D 3-15/30/100 15 * 200 200

* –  The Metalstorm’s ammo is given in full-auto bursts. It cannot be fired in any other manner.

Brodie ‘Metalstorm” Needler

Type Scale Skill
Needler Rifle Character Firearms

This weapon was designed specifically for “riot control.” It is, essentially, a heavy machine-gun without the bulk and the extra stopping power. Firing tiny projectiles, the weapon is able to spray an area with full-automatic bursts at a high rate of fire. The weapon is very effective against large, unarmed crowds – the more so because of its relatively low damage value. It is meant to injure and discourage, but not to kill (at least not that often). The Metalstorm has been converted, both by fringers and low-budget merc groups, for heavier action. Essentially, by messing with theammunition, it can be made to fire with a little more impact power. There is talk of a “Metalstorm II” soon to be released by Brodie in response to this need, but no release date has been set.