The Wolfman Mishavek, son of a once great Jedi Knight (now in hiding), longs to follow in his fathers foot steps in whatever way fate sees fit. He never showed much talent in the ways of the Force, and so he left his home world in search of his fate. He was hired by the LA as an engineer and a scout to guide the DP through Imperial Space. He had no idea of their reputation.He saw his destiny in the service of the Dirty Pair, but he soon finds that he must serve a greater purpose, the purpose of a Dragon Rider. He must follow the Dragon Way, and destroy an old family enemy reawakened from his hiding place. He also discovers that not all Jedi powers are obvious, and surface at an early age.


Background for Mishavek (As rolled up in Heroes of Tomorrow)Mishavek Jamek abt Quvam was born on the colony world Quvarn in a “Good” Temple. He had a “Birthmark” of the Dragon constellation on the right side of his chest just below the collar bone. Upon seeing this mark, his mother immediately tried to kill him. However, since she was so weak from the birth, the priests were able to save him, and his father, for his safety, allowed the priests to give- him into the care of a guardian/adventurer. This person was doctor who specialized in field medicine.

Note: from birth he has had a latent ability. This ability is the rare Force power of teleportation (it will be developed along with any force skills at the discreation of the game master).

Mishavek’s father is an extremely wealthy Sub-chieftain, who tried to maintain contact with his only son, as much as possible, while the guardian/adventurer was moving around. At the age of six Mishavek developed a behavior tag, a strong dislike of “sinning”. During Mishavek’s sixteenth year his only sister was bom and his mother died in labor. At this time his father made his guardian an advisor, and Mishavek returned to his home. At the age of seventeen he was given a Hunting lodge and twenty square kilometers of property. At the age of eighteen Mishavek befriended an elderly lady. This lady taught him art and calligraphy, and later she gave, at her death, him a small orate wax sealed wooden box. She told him, as she died, “it’s up to you now, keep it safe, keep it … form them”.

Mishavek is lightside and chivalrous. He is “wise, helpful, logical, and virtuous”. He will be come Shavek Jamek abt Quvam when his father dies. This is a standard naming convention of his clan/pack.

Mishavek’s father, known from birth as Shavek, is Shavek Jamek abt Hharulfaring was born in an orbital shuttle above the Shistavanen home world of Hharulfaring. The shuttle was attacked, while attempting to land at the clan’s (lightside) temple. The attack and resulting crash killed both of Shavek”s parents, and he was taken in by the priests. He inherited all lands, monies, and titles of his family because he eventually became a “priest” in that “religion”. Shavek is considered by some to be the reincarnation of his father. While living at the temple he became “fanatically” religious, and learned more of the darkside than he ever wanted by reading a book which was guarded by the priests. At the age of six, Shavek was admitted to a prestigious military academy which the temple was associated with. Between the ages of twelve and thirteen, Shavek befriended an alien bird-like creature, and by the age of sixteen this mini-dragon had become a mentor as well. Shavek’s father was an earl, but Shavek earned the title of knight, during his career in the Space Navy, in a series of four battles against an enemy of the galaxies main “religion”. All the battles he participated in were victories, however, he was seriously wounded in his last battle and retains an impressive scar (which helps to hide his identity from the now victorious enemy) this battle also killed his mini-dragon mentor/friend. After the defeat of the religious caste Shavek slipped off to the colony world of Quvam, and though he is not hiding, he does not mention his past. It was here that Shavek met his future wife. Shavek’s skills are very impressive, he has a ‘ rank of 4 in wildeness, rural and urban survival, 5 in blaster rifle, 4 in brawling, 6 in weapons repair, 6 in star.fighter piloting, 5 in astrogation, 3 in mountaineering, 2 in blaster pistol, 2 in opposite hand weapon, and 2 in computer skills. His hobbies include music at rank 1, gamplaying (wargames) of 3, weapons collecting of 5 and weapon study of 6.

Shavek is lightside and chivalrous, and is “”courageous, imaginative, cheerful and friendly.

Mishavek’s mother was bom in a hospital on a core world. Her mother was a teacher, and considered a hetman by the local Shistavanen. Mishavek’s grandmother was financially comfortable, and had no other children. Mishaveles mother had an uneventful childhood until the age of eleven, it was then that the entire town was evacuated so that a secret research lab could be built. This event began a slide toward the darkside. At the age of twelve, she began skipping school and hanging out with the wrong crowd. She leaned, at the age of fifteen that half of her hometown had been destroyed by the crash of a battlecruiser. This crash dashed her last hopes of going “home” and, She irrationally believed of depriving her of the family fortune she thought was buried there. In reality the cruiser had been sent to destroy the darkside research lab (clone development?). Her mother, in an attempt to return her daughter to a normal childhood, began singing lessons (she can sing at a rank of 5). However at the age of eighteen, she rejoined her old friends, and learned of her latent “psionic” persuasion power (rank 2). She, also, became involved in illegal activities involving her only known hobby of card games. Between her late adolescence and meeting Mishavek’s father she became involved in a secret organization, and therefore, has a secret identity.

She is depraved darkside, and is “rash, self-doubting, flippant, egotist, enthusiastic, and greedy.


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