Mission Objectives

Mission Objectives

43:4:5 To: Captain Keleman Ciro, FarstarFrom: Lieutenant Page
Regarding: Farstar Mission Profile

Keleman: Following are the orders for the Farstar, effective immediately. New Republic High Command thinks it has more important things to worry about; they don’t take Sarne or this Darkstryder thing seriously. I know you and I know how important this mission is.


1. Find Sarne. Sarne got us good at Kal’Shebbol. He got away without us even getting a hyperspace vector. He’s on the run, but like any other predator that’s when he is most dangerous. We may be holding the sector capitol, but we know enough to expect Sarne to mount a counterattack. He’s vindictive enough to destroy his former holdings rather than let us have them. He’s also clever enough to somehow assemble a large enough force to give us a rough time when he does show up.Your mission is to track him down, muster whatever New Republic forces are within comm range, and bring him down. While the New Republic Provisional Council may beg to differ, I don’t care whether he lives to stand trial for his war crimes. I’m not condoning murder, but I’ll trade one life for millions. You have authority to use any means necessary to stop him.

2. Determine Where Darkstryder Technology Comes From. You know I wanted to come here because of Sarne’s Darkstryder technology. While I know Command considers these rumors on a par with haunted planet stories. I think we both know better. Our examinations of the two artifacts we recovered have revealed nothing of substance. These devices do not function by any conventionally understood means. Find out where Sarne got this technology, and find out how much more is available to him. You must seize control of the Darkstryder technology or at the very least deprive Sarne of access to it.

3. Recon and Report on Imperial Forces in Kathol Sector and Unknown Space Beyond the Kathol Rift. Sarne may have fled, but he hasn’t recalled all of his Imperial vessels. Some have remained behind to harass planets and New Republic forces. You are to provide as much detailed information as possible to supplement our data that our patrol ships are gathering

4. Recon and Report on Kathol Sector. We know nothing about this place beyond coordinates to three nearby colonies. That’s not a lot to start with. As you travel to different systems, your mission is to purchase astrogation charts for any known routes, as well compile whatever data you can get on settlements and unexplored systems within Kathol sector space.

5. Recon and Report on Worlds in Unknown Space. As you leave Kathol sector and head into unknown space, you will have to rely more on your own observations and less on the charts and data of others. We’re on the edge of the Empire and who knows what might be out there.We need to know of any rogue colonies or undiscovered Civilizations. New Republic Military Command is going to want to know whether this is a true wilderness zone or if we have to fortify our borders against possible incursion by alien forces. While I am not at liberty to discuss specifics, we have faced similar incidents in the past.

Keep your eyes open!

6. Represent New Republic – Interests to any Settlements or Civilizations. This is your lowest priority, but it has far-reaching implications. Act accordingly. The Farstar is the forward representative for the New Republic; your job is to present a good face to worlds that have suffered under Imperial despotism for decades.

You are to convince local governments that the New Republic represents positive change. Some of them will want help, while others are going to be looking for signs of weakness. You are also to provide data to Kal’Shebbol so the New Republic Provisional Council can choose whether to use polite or gunboat diplomacy in future exchanges.

Kel, I wish I could be there for this mission but I know you call do it. You may be short on Command experience. but you’ve. got the drive for the job. Kaiya may be a little too aggressive when things get personal, but she’s also going to follow through on her promises. You can trust her.

First round’s on me when you get back!

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