Evil tyrant of an age long past, he destroyed a world with his ambitious move to become a god. Billions of lives fed his soul, which kept it “alive” in this plane, until the death of a young Jedi brought him enough power to summon an ally. Now he is free to reawaken the evil that has been long dormant, unleash the Chaos side of the Force…

Mobarius the Dark Despot, the Tyrant of Bofa II and the Instigator of Death, Black Leech of the Dragon Way.  He lived many millennia ago before the Republic.  He was one chosen by the Dark Dragons during the first Dragon Wars and betrayed all when he allied with the Chaos of the Shadow Drakes.  He was captured and banished by the Dark Dragons, imprisoned on Bofa II.


Bofa II was torn in a global tribal war, and the deaths in this war fed Mobarius.  He introduced modern technology to the tribes (secretly to both sides) and soon the wars increased in ferocity.  This only fed him further.  Both sides realized they were being used by the Despot and rose up against him.  Great Bofanian force-sensitive warriors destroyed his sanctuary and imprisoned his essence in a tomb in the last standing tower.

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