Modern Floorplans: Arctic Research Station

Modern Floorplans: Arctic Research Station

From: Fabled Environments

Reviewed by: Ron McClung

Modern Floorplans Vol. 7: An Average Modern Arctic Research Station is a new RPG Map Supplement from Fabled Environments.

Movies like The Thing from Space (or John Carpenter’s The Thing) or Ice Station Zebra, or more recently Harbinger Down come to mind when I think of the Arctic and the potential for adventure there.  In an RPG, it would be nice to have a generic map of a location in the Arctic.  Fabled Environments now provides a nice map for use in such an environment.

From page #4: For years, I have enjoyed playing in and running modern and near-future campaigns.  The frustrating thing about gaming within these settings is the lack of maps.

Provided in the PDF are three modules of a Arctic Station – Upper and Lower Living Quarters as well as the Laboratory/Research module.  There is also a connection hub where up to four modules will connect.  The PDF then provides various configurations of the modules and the hib.  Each map has a printable one page version for reference as well as a larger one for the table.  The modules are printable on 24″ X 36″ and the hub is printable on 17″ X 22″.

From page #4:  About a year ago, Krista began drafting in AutoCAD and creating some amazing structures for school projects and then for work.

The drafting is high quality and well done.  Below is a sampling of what it looks line, complete with 1″ squares, standard for most RPGs.

One of the best things about these maps is that they are provided with printing dimensions allowing for immediate table readiness.  It is best printed  on a plotter or large printer.   No messing around with scaling or anything.  Additionally, the PDF takes full advantage of the layering options in Adobe.  You can take out the furniture, grids, text or walls by clicking on the layers tab and turning which ever one off.

In conclusion, since I tend to run modern, near-future and sci-fi games, this is the kind of thing I like to have handy.  Not only is this useful for the Arctic, but with a little work and imagination, it can be used for a moon base or something like that.  As always, I am impressed with the detail and quality of Fabled Environments work.

For more details on Fabled Environments and their new RPG Supplement Modern Floorplans Vol. 7: An Average Modern Arctic Research Station ” check them out at their website Fabled Environments, and at all of your local game stores.

Codex Rating: 18

Product Summary

Modern Floorplans Vol. 7: An Average Modern Arctic Research Station

From: Fabled Environments

Type of Game: RPG Map Supplement 

Drawn by: Krista White

Conceptualized by: Charles White

Cover Art by: Preston DuBose

Number of Pages: 19

Game Components Included: one printable PDF

Retail Price: $ 3.00 (US)


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