Mongonian Alliance of Courageous Executors (Flash Gordon RPG)

Mongonian Alliance of Courageous Executors (Flash Gordon RPG)

The team was formed from a rag-tag group of freemen from all over Mongo.  Commissioned directly Princess Admira of Tropica, this group was hurriedly formed to perform on secret missions for her royal highness in her effort to support the Freemen rebellion.  The M.A.C.E team is made up of people the princess knew, friends of friends within her inner circle, as well as a few walk-ons that seemed suited for some adventurous missions.

The team is made up of 8 members but not all members are always available for a given mission.  Mission team membership may vary.

Flisk (Dwarf) – Solid dwarven fighter, Flisk is torn between his mistrust of the hawkmen and his loyalty to the Freeman rebellion.

Ryla (Hawkman) – Lieutenant in the royal hawkman First Lancers, she divides her time helping with freeman and her duties in Sky City.  She is a loyal hawkman.

Captain Artie “Great” Scott (Earthling) – An Earthman soldier seeking Dr. Zarkov.  He has volunteered to help Princess Admira in her efforts to support the Freeman rebellion.

Themba (Lion Man) – A once subjugated slave of the emperor, this lioness is now wanted for the murder of a squad of secret police.  She is a solid fighter and scout.

Yithanir (Lizard Man) – A mysterious under-dweller that has chosen to come to the surface and help the cause, he has special talents of the mind that have helped the group from time to time.

Sergeant Velgis (Mongonian) – Once a loyal solider in the Mongo military, he claims to be a deserter and now loyal rebel.  He is a good driver and familiar with Mongonian military tactics.

MC-43-701 aka Rocky (Robot) – Built as an assembly line robot for rocket construction, he was modified by none-other than Dr. Zarkov to help serve the rebellion.

Pranasha (Shark Man) – Mistrusting of lion men, she stays loyal to the cause as long as the destruction of Ming remains the goal.

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