More Shatterzone Content

More Shatterzone Content

I have been going through my old hand written notes and trying to transcribe them to this web site.  Included in these are –

  • Adventures for the main campaign I ran way back when, just after I graduated college.  I wrote them in in classic GDW/Traveller BASIC/PUSH/PULL/GIMMICK/ENIGMA format.  I highly recommend writing your adventures in that format, because it makes things so easy
  • I remastered using Photoshop the Ka’Abrellian sector using the Traveller subsector format.
  • Reorganized a few things to make more sense of things.  Added more about the Fask’Jiit, Sley’eth and the HLA.
  • Scanned in sketches and drawings I made, no matter how bad they were, just because it helps visualize where I was going.

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