Movie Inspiration: Planet Hulk

Movie Inspiration: Planet Hulk

I saw Planet Hulk the other day and am finding as I watch many of the Marvel and DC animated movies, there are some really cool ideas you can draw from for a sci-fi RPG.

The best idea I got our of Planet Hulk was the Spikes.


For most of the movie, you are told nothing about where they come from.  They are the size of a small scraper, ornate and alien looking in design.  They just drop out of the sky, imbed themselves into the ground near a town or city and release a  cloud of spores into the air.  These spores turn into these creepy crawly creatures that sting beings in the town it landed near and inject a mutating virus. In seconds, these victims are mutated into spiked zombie like beasts that spread the disease even further.

What I like about this is the mystery about where they come from through out the movie.  It’s fairly predictable by the end where they are coming from, but I liked the mystery. Even when they reveal it in the story, it’s still not entirely clear where the big bad guy gets them.  Are they alien technology that he found?  Is there a greater intelligence behind it?

I am very tempted to use this idea in my current campaign.  Link them to some ancient alien race or lost alien technology.  My mind is rolling with ideas that work perfectly in my current campaign.  Awsome ideas!

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