Mutated MothBat

Mutated MothBat
Abilities (Focuses)
1 Accuracy (Bite)
0 Communication
3 Constitution
4 Dexterity (Stealth)
2 Fighting (Claw)
0 Intelligence
2 Perception (Smelling, Tracking)
3 Strength
1 Willpower
Speed Health Defense Armor Rating
12 (14 Fly) 50 14 5
Weapon Attack Roll Damage Range
Bite +4 2d6+3 Touch
Claw +4 1d6+3 Touch
Special Qualities
Favored Stunts: Enclose (4 SP), Mighty Blow, Swoop & Slash (3 SP)
Sonic Sight: Mutated MothBat can operate in darkness as if it were daylight and sense hidden attackers and objects within 20 yards unless they are behind or near stationary objects that can hide their presence. Simply moving quietly or under cover of darkness won’t hide the target.
Tough: The Mutated MothBat thick carapace form give it a natural Armor Rating of 5.
 Attack Limitations: The Mutated MothBat cannot use their bite attack when airborne. They must land on a surface or target first.
Screech: The Mutated MothBat can spend a major action to let loose a terrifying screech. Every target within 10 yards of the Mutated MothBat who can hear this screech must succeed in a TN 14 Willpower (Courage) test or suffer a –1 penalty to attack and defense rolls when fighting the Mutated MothBat for the rest of the encounter. If
a target succeeds in this test they do not need to test against any future screech attempts during the encounter.
 Wall Crawler: A Mutated MothBat can walk up walls and even on ceilings
Enclose & Encase: For 4 SP, the Mutated MothBat can wrap a target in its wings, preventing it from moving and imposing a –4 penalty to any attacks the target attempts to make until the target breaks free by spending a major action and succeeding in an opposed Strength (Might) test.  During this enclosure, the Mothbat entangle the victim with a cocoon.  It takes 3 rounds to completely encase the target.  The target may continue to break free with the same opposed Strength test. Any bite attacks the Mutated MothBat attempts on the target while it is enclosed have a +2 bonus to attack and do an additional 1d6 damage. An Mutated MothBat can only enclose one target at a time and cannot move while so doing.
 Swoop & Slash Stunt: For 3 SP an Mutated MothBat that is within flight distance (14 yards) may  swoop by a target and slash them (make a single attack), dealing  normal damage for this attack +2.  The Mutated Mothbat then returns to another location within 14 yards.
Threat Level: Moderate
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