My Memorable TV Moments of 2007

My Memorable TV Moments of 2007

Seen a lot of bloggers do this, I figured I would do it too… from what I can remember…

  • Battlestar Galactica Season 3 – Although this happened in 2006, the in-atmosphere light speed jump in to escape New Caprica was very cool. However, it was the last great moment in that season before it went downhill. Three episodes about the love triangle with Apollo, Starbuck and whats-his-name?? Why?? The remainder of Season 3 that took place in 2007 was a huge disappointment to me.
  • NCIS – Tony`s love affair with Jeanne is revealed to be a undercover operation. This may have been revealed easily on and I missed it, but I was genuinely surprised when this was revealed. I liked that plot line a lot because I love Tony`s character.
  • Stargate SG-1 – Season 10, Episode 20: Unending – a perfect ending to a great show. I thought the final episode was interestingly done, with the whole time dilation field, destroying the Asgard and showing what might have been, but I simply liked the final scenes of them going off into the gate one more time. Unending. I truly loved this show.
  • Stargate: Atlantis – Col. Samantha Carter in command! It brings together the old and new in a much welcomed fashion. She brings in experience from SG-1 and they have already used it in a couple of episodes. Well done!
  • 24- Jack Bauer lets a small nuke detonate. I was not surprised because I read that they would do this somewhere, but it was still very cool to see. Not the best season of them all, but still pretty good. I liked it at least.
  • Tin Man – After a big build up half the year, it was not disappointment and was surprisingly imaginative for something on Sci-Fi.
  • Battlestar Galactica: Razor – See my previous post about this. Very good BSG mini-series. The classic Cylon Raiders back in battle were awesome!
  • Survivor: China – No surprises, no big strategic moves, the weasel won.
  • Amazing Race: All Stars – Cool idea and I enjoyed it up until my favorites were out. Sorry folks, I am a fan of Rob_n_Amber.
  • The Unit – Brought back from the brink of dissolution, The Unit blackmails their way back to operation again. Not sure I liked the political undertone of some of the finale/premier but it was still a good season premier. I love this show.
  • Heroes – Season 2 started off with less of a bang then season one and it still did not satisfy me like the first season did, but it would have taken a lot. The doubled the number of supers, then revealed a lot of the plot behind their parents, and did some serious time travel. It really looks like they are building up a Team of bad supers. Imagine Adam and Syler teaming up!
  • Supernatural – Things have changed for the boys now that Legion has been let out. The season`s not over yet so I wait to see how they get out of Dean`s deal. This is still a great show.
  • The 4400 – I am not sure they can bring back this show now. Now EVERYONE has abilities and the show has drastically changed. This is/was a VERY bold show. It was Heroes before there was a Heroes. Not sure where they will go with this from here.
  • Flash Gordon – This show just needs to die. I had high hopes for it and it has been nothing but a disappointment.
  • The Dresden Files – This was a disappointing cancellation. It had more potential then other shows like Painkiller Jain.

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