My Summer 2015 TV

My Summer 2015 TV

I have struggled in recent years because there has been nothing on TV that really satisfies my sci-fi side.  Arrow and Flash are really good for the super hero/comics side, but it has been a while since I had a good “space ships and ray guns” fix.


Currently on my top 5 best shows of at least the 2010s, my wife says I have a man crush on Stephen Amell.  I would not say that but I do admire is groundedness as an actor and the fact that he is having so much fun with the role.  I totally recognize that this Arrow is basically following a Batman plotline and I embrace it, because the Arrow in the comics was not all that interesting, except when he teamed up with Green Lantern and I seriously do not see that happening on TV.


Of course I watch this as well.  A great spin-off from arrow, I love the contrast.

The Last Ship

I started in first season really liking the directions, although it was probably a little more “gungho” than most people like.  I like that in a show – the John Wayne factor that is missing from so many shows.  Great show.  One of my favorites.

Dark Matter

This show has surprised me so far.  I like the way it is using the amnesia trope with so many characters, to tell the story and reveal the setting at the same time.  I am very interested in where they plan to go with this.  I am going to find the comic and see if there is much more to the story.

Penny Dreadful

This has developed into a very cool show, although it crosses some lines that I wish it wouldn’t.  Top rate actors, great story told in a succinct and simple way.  I love the Universal monsters – werewolf, vampire, and Frankenstein’s monster.  They have brought in some great occult elements, set it in 1890s London and retold some of the stories we have heard before in a w2ay that is brilliant.

Wayward Pines

This has turned out to be surprisingly good.  Very well done story and it is pretty bold with the characters development.


I struggle with this show but out of loyalty to the show creator (love Farscape), I keep giving it a chance.  Now we are in the third season and everything has changed.  THey seem to at least be trying to go bolder with tier story telling but unfortunately, it still has not grabbed me enough to say it is a great show.


This show has gotten weirder, I am about over it at this point.  It is like it is trying to be weird for weird’s sake, without telling a lot of story in the process.  It was good to begin with but now, not so much.

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  1. Adding KillJoys to this list as it is an absolute awesome show. I tend to get this one mixed up with Dark Matter a lot because I tend to envision then in the same universe. The Canadians know what they are doing with sci-fi. The pansies at “Siffee” (SYFY) have completely forgotten what sci-fi is.

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