My to do list. . . Once MACE is over

My to do list. . . Once MACE is over


This is more for me than anyone else… stuff I need to do and projects I am working on…

  • Gaming Report reviews… I now have a stack of PDFs and a stack of real games to review. Those are my priority. Get most of those done before the holidays (I know the publishers would appreciate that)
  • Fading Suns Character Codex II – finish Prestige Classes
  • Star Realms – my d20 Future setting based on my Star Frontiers stuff.
  • NEW PROJECT – I am calling it “Wrestling with Angels,” born from an idea of writing a pro-faith, pro-God sci-fi based on my Wikipedia knowledge of the Israel situation, expanding it to a planetary scale. I have no idea where this came from,… just me thinking.

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