Ur Obun Almathean played by Jimmy Ashley


Nevit (Ur-Obun Almathean)

Future Histories: Imperial Space


Tech Level: Fourth Stellar Age

Culture: Nomadic, Decadent Culture

Nomadic cultures do not build lasting buildings or edifices, but instead focuses its energy on transportation the task of moving its people from place of place. Their governments tend to focus on strong leaders, whose control usually does not extend beyond his clan or tribe. Nomadic folk could easily be interstellar trading clans, rabid biker gangs, or folk who wander the wilderness in armored recreational vehicles.

Roleplay: A Nomadic character may be afflicted with wanderlust and become uncomfortable when tied down to one locale. A Nomadic character will always feel out of place in a city and often distrust those who live in them. A Nomadic character may have a kind of wild vitality, a lust for life that has been lost by the “civilized.”

Decadent cultures are cultures past the peak of their prime. Decay, particularly moral decay, has begun to set in at all levels of society and the people have become pleasure-loving and jaded. Tech Level remains constant, but few significant gains are being made. Governments are commonly those which function best with multiple layers of carefully partitioned authority and responsibility (like Bureaucracies, Corporations, and Democracies). The government becomes self-perpetuating and heedless of the people’s needs. Although government support of the Poor is predominant, previously common civil liberties and government services begin to disappear. Inflation and unrestrained crime are often rampant.

Roleplay: It is not uncommon for citizens of these cultures (even the lowliest slaves and street folk) to believe that their culture is not only at its dynamic prime, but that it and they are vastly superiorto everything else. A character from this culture could easily have a haughty attitude, looking down his nose at everything. Simple pleasures might easily bore a person from this culture. On the other hand, they could be so foreign to the character that they intrigue him to no end.

Social Status: Destitute, Commoner/Not of a Noble Line

These people are considered the dregs of society. They own no property. and may have no fixed home. Some perform no real work and are often unemployable. Others are In bond to a master and live at his whim. Still more barely live off what meager bounty the land provides. These folk may often be a subclass or “race’ of one type of being who are discriminated against by their fellows. The chief industry of this crass is foraging and scavenging. This Is survival level – no luxuries. Money is rare and all Income goes toward merely slaying alive. Includes street people, unemployables, serfs, back woods folk. Share croppers, rural bandits, so me slaves, and unfortunate Primitives.

Roleplay: Destitute characters may believe that they have no real control over their own lives and exist merely al the whim of others, whether it be the gods, the wealthy or Just anyone who is not Destitute. This attitude might be expressed as hopelessness, or become hatred and revenge against either society or those believed to be the cause of his misfortune.

Character grew up in a “gypsy”-like environment His particular band of “gypsies” were known for their banditry. The character learned the secret passages, entrances and exits to an important local noble’s estate.


Legitimate Birth, Two Parents, Siblings & Birth Order: fourth of 9

Place of Birth: Racial Home world, in the character’s family home.

One Unusual Birth occurrence: A person of note {healer, Hesychast Mendicant Monk }in the vicinity of the characters home died when he or she was born. Character is presumed to be a reincarnation of the deceased.

Significant Events of Childhood

Family throws an extravagant birthday party for the character. Everyone who is anyone attends. When all the gifts are recorded, one unusual gift stands alone without a card to say where it came from – A sealed trunk {container}.

For a time, the character worked as a street vendor: selling goods his family “acquired” at his movable street side stall.

Significant Events of Adulthood

While visiting a particularly remote backwater alien {Ur-Ukari}ghetto, the character learns use of an archaic weapon (swords, bows & arrows, flintlock pistols all qualify).


Parent 1: (Father)

Occupations: Agricultural Technician

Underworld Experience: The character feels he is punishing those responsible for misdeeds done to him – he has a “Robin Hood” complex. Known for his banditry.  The character learns the sewers (maintenance conduits) of his home town (or a nearby city) as well as he knows the back of his hand (or tentacle). This knowledge is also useful in other cities, since waste and service systems tend to be built along similar lines.

Parent 2: (mother)

Appearances: Greasy-looking. Hair is oily, skin seems oily, mannerisms are oily.

Occupations: Cinematography (film making and appreciation).

Mother had a constant companion. An alien. Plant-like being.

Sibling 1 (sister) (deceased):

Occupation: Courtier/Courtesan.

Noteworthy Items: NPC untimely dies. If sibling, it occurs during adolescence. If parent or guardian, it occurs in early adulthood. Victim was killed in self-defense.

Sibling 2 (brother):

Occupation: Diplomat or Negotiator – establishes or soothes relationships between governments or between businesses and governments.

Noteworthy Items: NPC has a patron.  {A human noble}. The character is being prepared for a special task. Patron is noted for his appearance – Flashy – Wears an excessive amount of jewelry and or designer label clothing.

Sibling 3 (sister):

Appearances: Unusually muscular. Character has a body like a professional weight-lifter.

Occupation: Administrator/Manager: Oversees the operations of a large scale business or other organization.

Noteworthy Items: NPC has many close friends. These folks usually dwell in the NPC’s home town. If the NPC is the character’s parent or guardian, they are known as “uncle” or “auntie.” Because they are like family, they may be relied on for aid in times of trouble. Determine backgrounds for these folks only as needed.

Sibling 4 (sister) (deceased):

Occupation: Specialized puzzle maker.

Noteworthy Items: NPC possesses an unusual item – Tiara (small crown).

Noteworthy Items: NPC’s relationship with his family involves one of the following. NPC does not love family or children.

Noteworthy Items: NPC untimely dies during adulthood. Assassination, Professionals were hired to perform the act. A motive is unknown.  Law enforcement officials actively seek the capture of the killer. One officer in particular has made this case an obsession His goal is to bring the character to justice.

GM Notes 5/1/2013

The Holy Grail

Something is calling Nevit to Grail.  On Grail Saint Amalthea healed Zebulon of his wounds wrought from exorcising a criminal. She debated ethics with the Prophet and became his follower. After his death and her subsequent vision of Ahnkelbion (an Empyrean or angel) telling her to move to Artemis her order was established on that planet. Perhaps it is Ahnkelbion calling her or maybe it is her imagination.  It is a great honor to have visited the site of the Prophet’s Healing.  Maybe starting there will give Nevit direction.