New Campaign in 2016

New Campaign in 2016

I am throwing around the idea of a possible campaign idea for 2016 Friday night gaming.  I have 3 to choose from.  Here they are as well as the pros and cons for each.

Fantasy Age System: Titansgrave

I have been watching the Youtube channel off and on and really like the setting.  The rules system is OK, but not great.  It has its quirks and seems fairly flexible but the Magic system seems tame.  I kind wish they had a way to multi-class but I guess that is kind of redundant since the system is so flexible.  You can just about be anything.  I see influences from the True20 system as well as their A Song of Ice and Fire system. I think it would be worth a try, but I really would need players to invest into their players and their backgrounds.

5th Edition D&D: Legendary Planet Adventure paths

I like how this campaign started out (The Assimilation Strain)  and curious to see where it goes.  I bought into the Kickstarter and am supposed to get the first entry into the adventure path.  Although it is primarily Pathfinder, they are also publishing it for D&D 5e.  I prefer the latter.  My biggest concern is the initial fantasy setting.  Since I don’t know Forgotten Realms that well, I am afraid to delve into that.  I probably would go with a generic one, or maybe go crazy and use Eberron.

Savage Worlds Roleplaying System: The Last Parsec

Totally in my wheelhouse, this is a generic sci-fi setting inspired by Star Frontiers.  I really like it but it’s relatively new to me.  Going to try to run a one shot at MACE East and see how that goes. I can insert a ton of the stuff I have worked on for Star Drive Frontier or Fading Suns.

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