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For years, have had these Access databases that contained compiled data for both Shatterzone and Star Wars d6. I built these during a time when I was just getting into Visual Basic programming and database stuff, and had a lot of time on my hands.

I have been wanting to extract that data eventually and port it over to MySQL and build something in PHP to utilize it. With COVID and the other stuff going on in my life (not going on, is more like it), I embarked on that very project.

The main applications I built back then were –

  • Shatterzone Planetary Atlas
  • Shatterzone Group and Organization database
  • Shatterzone Combat Encounter Utility
  • Star Wars Planet Atlas

While the databases were not totally complete, they were extensive and pretty handy when I was running the game.

I have so far finished the following:

  • Shatterzone Planetary Atlas
  • Shatterzone Group and Organization database
  • Star Wars Planet Atlas

I am working on the Combat Encounter utility but that’s a little more work and I have to work around the constraints of WordPress and the methods I am using to build the app.

While the ones I finished are fairly start-forward, the Encounter utility was the most extensive and the most complex. It wa also the one I used the most and allowed me to handle pretty epic battles in the Shatterzone universe.

Do I think these will be used ever? No. I seriously doubt it. I just wanted to do it to help hone my skills, and keep me working on something during these hard times.

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