NR Intel Log 10: Kathol Campaign

NR Intel Log 10: Kathol Campaign

Report 10044: Alpha

Date: DS 115

Sarne is officially on the run into the Outback. The base at Timbra Ott will serve as a base of operations for the remainder of the Farstar mission. All intel reports and mission status reports will be sent from and to there. The support fleet will move its port there. The Farstar is instructed to pick up Sarne’s trail, and continue with the directives as first defined in the original mission briefing.We know for a fact that his remains alive, as does a majority of his closest loyalists. He apparently sent the less loyal into his first wave of attack.

While Sarne heads through the Outback, skirmishes with his forces continue along the Marcol Void, and the edges if the Kathol Outback. Sarne left small pockets of ships in several different places in these areas, and some of the New Republic Fleet is mopping those up.

One of the largest skirmishes is taking place near the Pimbrella League. The New Republic Task Force there is having trouble with the locals, and their small fleet of Old-Republic era corvettes. They are only protecting what they feel is theirs, but unfortunately, this means they attack us as well as the Imperials. The Imperials have enough fire power there to wipe out their small fleet, so the we are hoping that our fleet reaches the Imperials before the the League fleet does.

Outside of your original orders, the Farstar is left to make more of her decisions that we have allowed in the past. Because of your remoteness, we are forced to let you make your decisions based on the intel we send. Make your decisions carefully, for one wrong jump could give Sarne the time he needs to do whatever he is doing. You are on your own.

Report 10045: Alpha

Date: DS 116

Timbra Ott has proven to be a valuable ally. The clans united under our leadership well, and have promised anything we need, as long as we recognize them as an independent state and the Noble House Council allows them representation. Hammering that agreement out will be difficult, but we are well on our way.

At first, the Timbra Planetary Clan Council did not appear to have their own defense fleet. However, that fact is not entirely true. They share a defense fleet with a smaller colony 5 days jump from Timbra Ott, called Sapella. The Fleet, called the Nova Cloud Strike Force, is currently orbiting around Sapella, under repairs. The fleet, made up of three Clone War destroyers, was damaged in an attack from an unknown force. Reports from there are sketchy due to the low-tech of both Timbra Ott and Sapella. All they know is that they were attacked and took on heavy damage. The enemy’s status is unknown. There are no reports that any of Sarne’s forces have retreated in that area, but it is possible. That sector of space is 20+ days hyperjump to the Minos Cluster, on normal hyperspace drives, which is the second closest system to the Minos Cluster ( Kal’Shebbol is 10 days), so it is possible that some other Imperial force in retreat from the Minos Cluster attacked them.

Timbra Ott does not have full control of this fleet. The colonial council of Sapella also has a say. This fleet would be invaluable to our efforts against Sarne. At some point, the Farstar may want to drop in and contact Sapella.

Report 10046: Alpha

Date: DS 116

Data recovery on Kal’Shebbol is continuing. Among some recovered records is evidence that Project Storm Giant was one of many twisted projects Sarne sponsored without Imperial approval. One is called Project Nuniok Dak. Research reveals that this was named after some kind of Sullustan demon. Anything the Farstar can find out about it would be most helpful.

Report 10047: Alpha

Date: DS 117

Deep Space Scouts have detected a droid pod being launched from an Imperial fast attack ship towards the Binaros system The Farstar can investigate if deems necessary. It may be a feint by Sarne or his minions.

Report 10048: Alpha

Date: DS 118

Through the Smuggler Alliance (now called the Free Traders Alliance), the New Republic has contacted some of the Outback traders that regularly make runs in that area of space. One thing that stands out among most of the intelligence from them is a story about a “ghost ship”. Interpretations vary, but all point to some kind of mysterious ship wondering hyper-ways of the Outback. Be advised, there is no evidence to prove this as a fact, but the Farstar crew should be aware.

Report 10047: Alpha

Date: DS 118

The Free Traders Alliance of Kathol reports that several of their ships have gone missing in the area just beyond Jangelle. The Farstar should be advised, and observe caution in that area. There is little known about that area, but some of Sarne’s forces have spread out, so it is possible it could be Sarne. However, we doubt Sarne and his men would bother attacking neutral, unarmed and lightly armed Free Traders.This needs to be investigated, if the Farstar can fit it in. It’s your call, Farstar.

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