NR Intel Log 15: Kathol Campaign

NR Intel Log 15: Kathol Campaign

Report 10059: Alpha

From: Kathol Sector Central Intel – Kal’Shebbol
Subject: Expeditionary Force Sent
Date: DS 179 / NR Date: 43.9.09

With no contact with the Farstar for nearly 10 days, Central Command decided to send out an expeditionary force to Sapella. It should arive there in a few weeks. Command is sure that Farstar would appreciate a little backup.

Report 10060: Alpha

From: Kathol Central Intelligence, Astrogation Division
Subject: Rift Navigation
Date: DS 172 / NR Date: 43.9.02

Stellar Cartography and Astrogation has made one conclusion about the Kathol Rift. It is impassable by normal means. If Sarne plans to go through the Rift, it’s up to the Farstar nto figure out by what means.

Report 10061: Alpha

From: Kathol Sector Central Intel – Kal’Shebbol
Subject: Negotiations with Fing’Dra Transportation (A Chuborro Front Corporation)
Date: DS 173 / NR Date: 43.9.03

Negotiations with the Chuborro front-corporation have come to a halt, with rumors of an Imperial strike against Chuborro or his deputies. Things are drumming up in that organization, and NR experts expect a major collapse of power soon. This would destablize a core portion of the Kathol Sector. Anything the Farstar can do to stabilize the underground would be most appreciated.

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