NR Intel Log 3: Kathol Campaign

NR Intel Log 3: Kathol Campaign

 Report 10005:A: Alpha – Date: DS 026

Evidence from the Torize peace treaty efforts, along with reports from NR Diplomat Thane B’Dorbeck aboard the Farstar, have revealed a complex structure of Noble Houses that pre-dates the Empire existing here in the Kathol sector. Apparently, through the centuries, this House social dynamic has existed in some form or another, vying for power in the sector anyway they could. It is important for the Farstar to determine the exact nature of each of the major houses and what threat, if any, they will pose to peace in the sector.

Report 10006:A: Alpha – Date: DS 028

Intelligence reports from neighboring sectors are saying that Sarne might be getting help from another that was close to the Emperor, perhaps High Inquisitor Tremayne.

Report 10007:A: Alpha – Date: DS 031

A message was received by the sector newsnet service that reads as follows:



Moff Sarne Preparing for Pirate Purge

Montrol City, Gandle Ott

Citizens looked up last night to see the sky suddenly filled with dozens of new stars, as Moff Sarne’s huge expeditionary fleet arrived to orbit around Gandle Ott. Sarne has massed the giant fleet to exterminate once and for all the many pirate and Rebel terrorists organizations operating in the sector’s Rim worlds and the wilds, said one of the Moff’s spokesmen this morning in a meeting with government leaders. “The Moff believes that only a unified and strong force can sweep the many illegal bandit fleets before it,” the representative said. “He has formed such a force in a record five days, so that the pirates will have little warning and no time to prepare for the carnage to come. We are going in after them, into every little system and dust cloud, and we won’t be back until we have rid our sector of such filth.”

Sarne began to coordinate resupply efforts with his Imperial counterparts at Crimler Naval Base here in Montrol City immediately after arriving last night. The fleet spent the night uploading supplies from the base and adjacent depots, and recalled the reserve military personnel living on Gandle Ott to active duty. All the major Houses gladly presented their best knights to imperial service. The fleet is expected to remain in orbit for another 2 or 3 days, though sources in the fleet say that Sarne is anxious to be off.

As for the local defenses, House lords and ladies are recruiting from the Trade guilds more loyal guard recruits, and Sarns’s spokesman has said that the NobleStar will be staying in orbit for defense.


This reports is only two day old. the Farstar should dispatch immediately to Gandle Ott.

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