NR Intel Log 4: Kathol Campaign

NR Intel Log 4: Kathol Campaign

Report 10008:A: Alpha – Date: DS 032

Report from Minos Cluster

The Minos Cluster campaign, where the majority of the Kal’Shebbol battle group has been re-assigned, is going well. Reports from the ground battles say that some Darkstryder technology has been encountered in use by some Sarne-loyal Imperials in the Cluster. These items have yet to be recovered unused, but have proven to be a factor in some major battles. There have also been reports on the edges of the Cluster, near the Kathol side, where there was found some Sarne sponsored concentration camps, and torture-reeducation camps. These camps are even more heinous than regular Imperial camps. He apparently experimented with implanting some Darkstryder tech within sentient hosts. Some did not go well, as several NR soldiers were killed trying to subdue some of his surviving mistakes. The Farstar should consider this a forewarning.

Despite these horrors, the NR has been able to take back large sections of the Cluster from Sarne-Loyal and Empire-Loyal forces.

Report 10008:A: Alpha – Date: DS 032

Report from Kolatill.

After the successful rescue of thousands from their bombed out capitol city of Domaz, and due to swift action by the crew of the Farstar, the quick defusing of civil unrest on Kolatill, the New Republic has been successful in establishing Kolatill as a New Republic World. The Noble Houses of Kolatill have agreed to assist in any way in the mission to hunt down Sarne, and restore the Kathol Sector. In that vein, a few of the houses revealed a secret to the New Republic. The houses were able to hide several of their hyperspace drive systems in hidden bunkers when the Empire took over this sector, and are right now refitting some of the larger in-system ships to used in a fleet to join the battle against Sarne and his minions.

Current orders for this fleet are to act as mop-up force for the Farstar, and to cover anything the Farstar is forced to over look due to their primary mission. Some of the minor planets will be contacted by this fleet, as well as some remaining Imperial forces in the Rim worlds. This fleet answers to the New Republic Kathol Command on Kolatill.

The Farstar is making great strides in joining the battle. Kolatill is the first step. The Farstar is to continue its efforts to contact each major world and gain as many allies as possible in this battle. Intelligence reports about his strength are few and far between, but we do know now that he has more than one Star Destroyer, and my have at least one Interdictor. The battle will not be won by one single Corvette.

Report 10009:A: Alpha – Date: DS 032

Report From Torize

Despite the unrest that plagued the planet, and a near diplomatic catastrophe as a result of some “misunderstandings” with the Farstar crew, the Noble Houses of Torize has negotiated with the New Republic, and have agreed to help in the restoration of the Kathol Sector, although still stands fast against joining the New Republic. The first things that they have agreed to do is convert the stations orbiting the mining planet to shipyards. More ships are going to be needed to fight Sarne if he decides to come back. The new Torize Shipyards will be run by a conglomerate of House officials, and this will form a new corporation, which is currently called Torize Yards Inc. The yards are expected to be relatively operational for smaller capitol ship construction in a month. it will take longer for larger scale ships.

Once again, through the valiant efforts of the Farstar, the New Republic has brought a new ally in the fight against the Empire.

Report 10010:A: Alpha – Date: DS 032

Report from Aaris

New Republic Scientists have received readings from probes sent to the two gas giants in the Aaris system. Apparently, the scientists believe there is a chance that the “hyperspace distortional storms” the Farstar detected around the two gas giants are not naturally occurring. One thing that was noted was that the storms do not grow or fade in intensity, but are constant. More will be known when more precise measurements can be taken. The Farstar is asked to report any similar anomalies immediately and drop probes around the site to monitor. the Prov. Gov is requesting more science teams from the nearby sectors to help investigate.

Report 10010:A: Alpha – Date: DS 033

Report from Kal’Shebbol

New Republic Fleet in the Minos Cluster Campaign has freed up a small contingent of ships to help in the support of the Kathol campaign. Things have a taken a better turn in the Minos Cluster, and so, much of the attention will soon be turned to the Kathol Sector and the fight against Sarne. It is important that the Farstar continues to find allies as well as reports all information about Sarne’s activity. This way, as the New Republic builds up their forces with in this sector in preparation for his counterattack, we will know what is coming.

The new ships will be used in the mop up operations following the Farstar’s mapping of the Sector. The following is a list of the ships and their designations:

NRS Angelheart Corellian Corvette
NRS Courage Corellian Gunship
NRS Jal Mothma Corellian Gunship
NRS Trans-Cargo Delta-4 Transport
NRS Trans-Cargo Alpha-7 Transport
NRS Centurion’s Sword Modified YT-1300 Assault Freighter

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