NR Intel Log 6: Kathol Campaign

NR Intel Log 6: Kathol Campaign

Report 10013:A: Alpha – Date: DS 039

Report from Kal’Shebbol

New Republic scientists have confirmed that the data-vid returned from Aaris by the Farstar depicting an ancient alien device that appeared to be a gateway of some kind, is in fact pictures of a Gree Hypergate. In an uncharacteristically open meeting with the Gree ambassador, they freely admitted that they had colonized portions of the Kathol sector millennia ago, and it was not surprising that some of their derelict technology was found. They even admitted to New Republic diplomats that they waged a war millennia ago with another race, which they never identified. New Republic Intelligence can only guess at the meaning of this. The Gree hinted that this unknown race had equaled technology to the Gree, and the war waged for 5000 years. They admitted they had no knowledge of Darkstryder, and didn’t even speculate on it origin. It may or may not be related to the war or this mysterious enemy to the Gree. We suspect more gateways, and other Gree devices may appear along the Farstar’s journey. If Sarne knows about them, he could be using them. The Farstar needs to be aware of this possibility.

It is unknown whether this points to the origin of Darkstryder or just a piece of the puzzle. There is definitely more to this story. It is also strange that the normally reclusive Gree are so open. They are usually deathly protective of their technology. The Farstar crew is advised to access any information they might have on the Gree, and their sector of space, the Gree Enclave, in order to recognize them and handle them if they decide to visit the Kathol Sector. They are not an enemy of the New Republic, please don’t make them one.

Report 10014:A: Alpha – Date: DS 042

Report from Oon Tien

Battle for Oon Tien Update

The first offensive did not go well. The Imperials have several modified IPV-1 System Patrol ships, and at least 3 Strike Cruisers. All seem to be modified to enable them to make incredibly short micro-hyper jumps, to bring their ships within a few hundred meters of our ships, send a devastating volley of powerful blaster fire, then micro-jump again out of range. Their weapons also seemed modified somehow, because the energy behind the blaster and laser fire measured off the normal scales for blaster and laser fire. The Imperial tactics proved very difficult to counter. The first strike withdrew after 50% to 60% losses. We are requesting more ships from the Minos Cluster for assistance. They should be rendezvous at Gandle Ott in a few days.

The Farstar must remain on coarse. Any suggestions they might have for tactics would be helpful.

Report 10015:A: Alpha – Date: DS 043

Report from Kal’Shebbol – Intel on Project StormGiant

New Republic Intel here has concluded as you have that Project StormGiant must be related to the strange storms around each of the gas giants in the major systems of the Kathol Core. New Republic scientists are frantically theorizing and researching into what the final end of the project means to us. The military council here suspects it’s part of Sarne’s plan for a counter attack. The New Republic is not ready for a counter attack. More ships are coming from the Minos Cluster, but are due to arrive in a week. We need more time to prepare, and anything the Farstar can do to AT LEAST delay any action taken by Sarne would help us here at home base.

Report 10015:B: Alpha – Date: DS 043

Report from Kal’Shebbol – Intel on “The Coming of the Prophet”

In your last report, you included information about “the Coming of the Prophet” and it’s possible relation to a Sarne project called StormGiant. It is still unclear to our agents here what this event entails. We know it is also referred to as the Arrival, or the Accession. We have unconfirmed reports that the event will occur within this standard year, but the specific date is still unknown. Any help the Farstar can supply in this vein would be most appreciated.

Not only are we interested in it’s connection to this Project StormGiant, but also it’s connection to the Church. Local New Republic officials are worried that it might bolster more power for the Church, and as we know, the Church is not all that benevolent. Strong pro-Empire sentiments still swell inside the Church.

On that subject, the New Republic suspects the Church’s own Inquisition in several recent terrorist bombings on New Republic installations in Kal’Shebbol and Kolatill. The Church is trying to provoke the New Republic, and start a strong anti-New Republic campaign. They are also trying to manipulate public opinion against us by ruling any new idea or technology we bring in as blasphemous. Which is why the New Republic can’t afford to allow the Church to gain anymore power. The Church has a significant fleet, and some unknown technology that allows them their power now. The New Republic can not afford to challenge the Church now.

The Farstar is ordered to gather any information about the Arrival along there journey.

Report 10016A: Alpha – Date: DS 043

Report from Gandle Ott

Marriage Announcement.

The House Ik’Tal, in a major move for power and pride for their own Thane B’dorbeck, New Republic Liaison to Gandle Ott, announced today the marriage of Sir B’Dorbeck and Lady Javia Tanatus. The celebration was unprecedented and it help solidify the alliance that is forming between the Noble Houses and the New Republic. Mavia Tanatus of House Ik’Tal has also been assigned officially as House Liaison to the Farstar. She is to act as advisor and negotiator to all Houses encountered after Gandle Ott.

It is one of the New Republic’s goals in the Kathol Sector to prevent major violence between the Houses, peacefully. So far success has been moderate. House Karadol and House Kathor both have proven resistant to our help. The key was House Shador, however. Now we have a majority of the Houses on our side. Negotiations between the other two Houses are on-going.

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