NR Intel Log 9: Kathol Campaign

NR Intel Log 9: Kathol Campaign

Report 10021:A: Alpha – Date: DS 079

Report from Kal Shebbol and Oon Tien

For the past several weeks, the communications network of this sector has been down, and we have not been able to report to the Farstar any updates. We are proud to update you on two things.

  • The Battle at Oon Tien is won. The remaining Imperial fleet retreated on DS Date 75, and they only got away with a few fast attack starships. All the major capitol ships are either destroyed or captured. Several Oon Tien shipyard Imperials have defected, including a Walen Blissek of House Karadol. Mr. Blissek is one of the primary engineers behind the Darkstryder re-engineer of the starships we fought. He and his staff will prove invaluable to our effort to discover the secret of Darkstryder.
  • The Battle Fleet in the Minos Cluster campaign has returned to Kathol. They were instrumental in the Oon Tien victory and are now docked at the Torize shipyards. The Battle for the Minos Cluster has been all but won, with a new Fleet to mop of the remaining forces there. Several allies were gained from the Minos Cluster, and we are negotiating with a few to perhaps help out in capturing Sarne.

The loss of communications was attributed to the destruction of the Gate at Oon Tien. When the commando team went through, there was apparently a traitor amongst them, who attempted to stop them. This traitor failed, and in doing, destroyed the gate after the commandoes went through. May the Force be with them.

The explosion sent a sub-space EM wave that knock out many of the relay stations for the communication net. The Oon Tien system was shrouded in darkness for days. When everything cleared, the relay stations came back on-line, and the battle had been won. The Imperials were gone, taking with them the few engineers that remained loyal to Sarne, including Lira Wassel, Walen’s daughter and wife to Imperial Governor Denn Wassel of Oon Tien. The New Republic Fleet picked up the pieces, contacted the Jarrell clan leaders, and began to establish a New Republic presence in the system. The Shipyards were heavily damaged in the battle, and will take time to rebuild.

The Farstar is instructed to update us on their status as soon as possible. We are receiving only secondary reports from freelance agents. You do know that you were somehow involved in inciting a rebellion against the ruling crime organization on Pembric II. At first glance, that might appear good, but destabilizing the underground is not something the New Republic likes. Sometimes, that all the New Republic has to rely on.

May the Force be with you.

Report 10022:A: Alpha – Date: DS 081

Sarne has made his move, despite the failure of Storm Giant. After the brilliant battle at Sebiris, and the prevention of the triggering of Storm Giant, Sarne continued with his attack anyway. The Farstar is commnended for their effort at the Sebiris battle, and with contacting the Kalvessan Starwolves, a key ally against the Empire. However, Sarne made a bold move a day after the triggering device exploded on Sebiris. Three attack Fleets moved from the Stellar Southern Region to attack three areas of the Kathol Core Region.. All three appear to have at least 2 Star Destroyers, and at least 20 support ships. If this is his first wave, the New Republic is concerned what he has left behind for a second. Defense forces are falling back to uninhabited systems in their area to re-group. The Kathol Battle group, now gathered at Gandle Ott, is being dispatched to one area to handle the problem, one force at a time. Some Noble ships and fast attack ships from the smuggler alliance, are heading to the other two attack sites to delay their progress.

Report 10022 – 10043: – Date: DS 082-105

Progress Reports on the Battles against Sarnes forces.

Summary – These reports detail the progress of the New Republic in fighting back Sarne’s counter attack forces. The progress of the battle varies as time goes on. At one point, the New Republic pushes him back, then he’ll pull another unexpected tactic or use an unexpected weapons, and overwhelm NR forces. At one point near the end of his counterattack, he reaches Gandle Ott, and a great battle ensues. Just when the battle looked lost for the NR, a strange anomaly was detected behind the Gandle Ott moon. A shower of proton torpedoes came from behind the moon, peppering all ships, but mostly Imperial. A communication was picked up afterwards as the anomaly returned “That planet is my responsibility.” When investigated further, all that was found was odd EM signatures, and fluctuations.

The Battle continues for almost a month. Soon Sarne’s forces are pushed back to the Marcol Void, where he forms a retreat. This is where he reports end.