Species: Human

Type: Humanoid

Origin: Earth

Strength *
Constitution *
Agility *
Intelligence *
Education *
Charisma *
Initiative *
Move *
Skill/Dam *
Hits  *
Appear *

* – Human-like

Documented Notes

Ohnaka is a strangely tattooed young man, who is very long lived.  They call him the 100-year old boy. He says angels tattooed him before birth and for fear of the Creator’s wrath, made him sensitive to the sun light.  He fears the angels will return to do more though.

Add-ins & Elaborations

Celestials, pre-birth tattooing and immortality.  What is there not to like about Ohnaka.  What are the celestials that tattooed him?  Greys?  Something else?  Why? 

Natural Weapons/Abilities

Human normal

Supernatural Weapons/Abilities


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