Otharian Chronicles: Sagittarius Dawn

This is a new page of an old idea. When I was a kid, I wrote a lot, by hand, the ideas that were rolling in my mind. I spent a lot of time alone, delivering news papers and doing my own thing. Those ideas, inspired by the movies and shows I watched, formulated into 2 “books” that I wrote. I still have those hand written books and still think they have some merit. Although somewhat derivative, I decided to start re-writing them, much like I did when I was a kid. When I feel inspired, I’ll write a paragraph, a few paragraphs or perhaps a whole chapter. The first book I wrote was originally called Galactic Rebellion. As you can see, it was a little derivative. So I have renamed the series Otharian Chronicles. I created a region of space about 4 Traveller subsectors wide, with a diverse number of planets. The first book will be Sagittarius Dawn.