Adventure: World Anew and other adventure ideas

Adventure: World Anew and other adventure ideas

Here is a series of notes I made of ideas for other adventures in Star Frontiers

Improvement 2/World Anew


Terraforming Research And Manufacturing Corp (TRAM Corp) – A milti-sector corporation formed by a joint effort between the Sovereignties and the Fronter.  Frontier Humans and Dralasites from a smaller corporation joined up with antoher company formed by [Skanniis] and [Torani] to expand their mutual influence.


Tramius is a newly terraformed planet, financed by the [Sovereignty of Man] corporation TRAM Corp.  They used a special technology using nanotech engineered algae into the dense atmosphere.  Tramius was a Venus-like planet before the terraforming, with this acidic atmosphere .  The algae was able to feed on the acidic gases and produce livable gases to replace them. A scientific survey team was sent down to Tramius after the process was deemed finished.  After 3 weeks of research, they have not been heard from. What could go wrong?


TRAM Corp Perspective

(1) Knows that the automated terraforming procedures have had a diverse effect on the planet. creating a variety of deadly mutated proto-life forms and want the area cleared once the science team is found.

(2) Have no clue the terraforming has had the above effect and are throwing the team into a nightmare.

Second Try: This is the second attempt at terraforming this world.  They thought the first attempt was an abject failure but in fact, the first algae started the early mutations and the second attempt made them worse.

City of Light: Alien city built on an ancient alien space craft.  Pirates are raiding the city for its treasures.  Alien mutants live in the tunnels below, while hte surface aliens have a hunter culture fending off these creatures.

The Tale of Two Worlds: A planet with an odd orbiting moon (both with livable atmospheres).  The moon’s orbit brings it close enough for an operational “beanstalk” elevator to extend from one world to the other for a short period of time.

Soul Survivor:  The PCs are hired by a corporation to help a NPC regain his memory .  He is an explorer/ attack scout possibly with psionic powers.  The adventure will carry the PCs to his last known assignment – a planet he and a group of scouts were to explore.  The rest of the expedition was never found.  Along the way, they will also encounter alien foes and other threats.  The aliens are trying to hide something.

They will travel across the planet and find each one of the expedition members in different local “villages” or “ruins.”  Each one (those that are alive) are in a similar state as the original NPC (amnesia).  Why?

Psi-Aliens:  Aliens that feed off enslaved psychic energies discover human psychic energies are addictive.

Cybernetic Beings: Formerly semi-intelligent cybernetic enhancements.  They are mean to enhance one’s’ own abilities and the manufacturer guarantees the units are NOT self-aware or in control of the abilities.  They develop intelligence through interfacing with human beings.  Eventually, they replace the human brain with cybernetic nano-tech brains (this later became the basis of the Zed in my Star Frontiers).

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