04.00 Other Cyber Senses d6

04.00 Other Cyber Senses d6

Olfactory Systems

McGinley BloodHound

An additional product for the SenseDog line is the smell-detecting BloodHound. A BloodHound is a computer-assisted smell identificaiton unit. It has been programmed with over 200,000 different smells, odors, and scents. It can detect gases, determine the chemical mixture of atmospheres, and even increase the enjoyment of sniffing flowers. Great, now I can tell exactly what itis that’s floating downstream. [Gives a linked user a +1D to any Perception check involving scent.]

Taste and Vocal Systems

Dr. Yuk

Produced by the Furtherman Corp, a Dr. Yuk system will help identify virtually any substance tasted. With just the briefest taste (Dr. Yuk prevents poisoning from doses this small), Dr. Yuk can correctly identify over one million separate chemicals and poisons. It comes in Standard, Forked-Tongue and Frog’s Surprise models. Note: McGinley has a virtually identical model in its SenseDog line. No accidental poisoning for this punk. One’s gotta be careful in my line of work. ) [Mr. Yuk gives a +1D bonus to taste-based Perception rolls.]

NetWorld Persuader/McGinley Smooth Talker

Corporate execs at NetWorld have spent a lifetime controlling their people. Lifelong contracts that indenture even future generations make sure that their little serfs are kept in line. Unfortunately, there is the occasional rebel that needs to be re-convinced of his objectives. In order to do this, many of the execs have been equipped with the NW Persuader vocal system. This system alters the exec’s voice imperceptibly with a series of alternating low and high frequency tones that make his victims more susceptible to his will.

Needless to say, possession of a Persuader on Imperial and Corporate Sector worlds is considered a bad business practice at a minimum. On some planets, it is even considered illegal. McGinley has a similar model which is a little more powerful, but easier to detect. If you’ve got to go with one, I’d say support McGinley. NW does NOT need any more encouraging in the mind control division. [The Persuader gives a +2 bonus to any vocal attempt of con or persuasion. The Persuader can be detected with a Moderate auditory Perception or higher. The McGinley provides a +2D, but is detectable with a Easy roll versus auditory Perception.]

Tactile Systems

Furtherman Hypertouch

A hypertouch system can be purchased for any section of a body, but most often it is used to replace the nerve center in the hands. This nerve system can also be combined with Furtherman’s (and only Furtherman’s) MicroOptics visual system for microscopic manipulations. This includes delicate surgery where precision is necessity. As this system replaces a hand’s nerve centers, this system is not compatible with other cybernetic hand replacements. [When replaced, manual Dexterity is increased by +1D when manipulating small or delicate objects. When combined with Furtherman MicroOptics system, add +2D to skill checks for microscopic manipulation.]

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