The Grey Holocron (Parax’s Perspective)

The Grey Holocron (Parax’s Perspective)

By Chris “Parax” F. Edited By Ron M.


The young Jedi shifted through the rubble outside the cave entrance. He did not understand but something was pulling him inside the cave. At first he had only wanted to climb the hillside but now he needed to know what had drawn him to this spot and why he needed to see behind this pile of rocks.

Once the entrance was cleared, he slowly entered the dark cave entrance. After making several turns in what appeared to be an underground maze he entered a well light room. Rows of torches lined the sides of the vast underground room and three ancient droids stood, as long dead guardians to a small cube on a stand in the center of the room. As the Jedi walked toward the stand he looked around at the carving on the walls. Through a far doorway he could see another room off to the right full of book and other statues. Off to the left was another room with what appeared to have a huge skeleton laying against the far wall.

Once the he made it across the room to the stand he noticed the stand was made of Mandalorian Iron carved into three dragons holding up the cube. As he reached out to pick up the cube a cloaked shadowy figure formed off to his right side.

“Greetings Jedi. I have been expecting you. Allow me to introduce myself I am Parax Jedi master and Dragon warrior. The room you are now in contains the history that dates back to the days before the Old Republic. This Holocron will help you understand what has happened so you and other’s like you can understand the mistakes of the past in order to save the future.”

The Jedi stepped back, it had to be a trick. He had heard of holocrons but they had all been destroyed centuries ago in the age of the Empire. But no matter how much he believed he could feel the Force and a small part of a presence inside the cube. Looking back at the image in front of him the ,”Why did you build this place and the cube.”

The figure stopped for a second and started to laugh. “I did not build this place. It has existed long before I was born. I built the cube to hold the story and knowledge of the War behind the Glory.”

“What War?”

The figure turned, walked and sat down on one of the many large stones laying around the room. “It all started on the planet Tantooine. I was preparing to return to the local Rebel base after helping a group of Wookies escape an Imperial work camp. After searching for a while we finally found a ship to transport us back home. Luck would have it , we found the Lovely Angel. A ship named after the two owners Kia and Yuri. It was there that I also met the wolfman call Mishavek In those days, the Dirty Pair as they loved to be called only wanted money.”

The Jedi looked up the air above the figure of Parax as the air glowed and showed small scene of what the figure talked about.

“Shortly after leaving Tatooine I felt a presence calling me to a world out on the distant rim. After a small discussion I convinced the crew that we needed to change course and head to a planet called Bofa 2. Needless to say the hired crew were all to happy to help me get there.”

The Jedi could see in the images above the two young ladies yelling and arguing with Parax.

“Once we made it to Bofa 2, we were forced to land inside a hollow structure. These structures were at one time vast cites that surrounded the small world. But after a brutal war, the cities were all destroyed and the planet itself had bee consumed by the Dark side. After we left the Lovely Angel, we quickly found out that a bacteria on the planet feed off and destroyed all of the power cells. Our weapons and droid were useless, and most of all, the ship did not have the power to leave the planet. This did not go over well with the Dirty Pair. But after a long discussion, the group decided to follow me North East to get help. At that time they did not know that I was only following a voice in the Force, but I have learned that something’s are best left unknown.

After walking through the jungle for several days, we lost one of the crew to one of the dangerous creature living on this world. The Wookie was killed while watching over the party one night.

Around the third day we reached a clearing with several wells around At each well, we found Rebels hanging down in pits. Most of the Rebels were dead, eaten by the creatures living at the bottom of the well. But in the last well we found an Ewok who was still alive. After we pulled him up we discovered that the creatures inside the well did not like losing their lunch. We were chased out of the clearing by the creatures . The Ewok pilot told us that the Rebellion wanted to establish a small outpost on this world. But when they arrived, they lost power and their transport crash several miles away. While leading us to the crashed ship he told us about how the group had been captured by the natives of this world. We quickly discovered that the natives were linked to the Dark side and were tracking us down. Using the light side to detect their whereabouts I was able to keep the party away from the creatures. Later that day we arrived in the valley where the Rebel transport had crashed. On board we discovered supplies and weapons we needed to make our way through the jungle. Using telekinesis I was able to carry several items from the ship to shore. But several party members wanted several things that we did not need and in order to get the objects, they tied them to the objects we had to have. However, I had the last laugh when I carried a small missile back across. It was my belief that the explosive charge could be used to destroy the upcoming enemy.

Later that night we found a building structure where we decided to spend the night. I had first watch and while patrolling the area I was almost discovered by the Dark side natives but the same voice told me to remain very still. The natives walked past me and did not notice me. Something had hid me while they passed. Nothing happened during the second watch but during the third I was awaken to find myself surrounded by the natives. I tried to distract them but my grasp on the Force was not as strong then as it is now. My only chance to save my self and the sleeping party members was to somehow tell the third patrol that we were endanger. Drawing on the Force again, I sent a call of help using telepathy. Lucky for me and the others, the patrol heard the call for help and Mishavek and the Dirty Pair came back and stopped the natives from killing me and the others.

After cleaning up we started heading North East again and after a few days the we arrived in a small village. At the center of town we found and old Jedi Master who had been helping us by hiding the Force from the creatures tracking us. He proceeded to tell us the story of the planet, how the war had destroyed it and the Dark Jedi on the planet had used all the death to fuse himself to the life-force of the planet. Once he was part of the planet he used the Dark side to control the evolution of the survivors of the war and all other life on the planet. A few moments later the old Jedi died. We gathered up the few belonging he left us and started to leave. But unknown to us the Ewok had decided to explore the caves below the masters home. Once down there he found a Void Dragon. A creature directly linked to the Dark side of the Force. The Dragon chased him out of the cave and attacked the party. Drawing upon all the Force I could, I hurled the Jedi Master’s lightsaber at the dragons striking it dead. However the dark side dose not leave peacefully. The dragons death caused a huge explosion which could be seen from orbit. Little did the partly know that an Imperial fleet lead be the Tremayne was in orbit. He ordered stormtroopers in the surrounding area to find out what had caused the explosion.”

The image of Parax flicked out but the voice continued ” That is all I shall tell you. Come back tomorrow and I well tell you some more.” The torches on the walls slowly started going out. As the Jedi walked back to the surface he knew he would have to return the following day.

The Gray HoloCron part 2

The following day very early the Jedi returned to the cave. Once again he found the cave lit up. Just like before the old droids remained motionless protecting the cube. After the lesson today the Jedi had decide to work and see if he could reactivate the droid he had brought with him several power cell and tools. If it was possible he would fix the droids later to days. But before the lesson he wanted to look inside the other rooms around at the caring on the wall and look inside the other two rooms.

After exploring he returned to find Parax once again sitting on the stone. “Did you find what you were looking for Jedi? “

The Jedi walked up to the glowing figure, ” what was this placed used for?”

“To train dragon warrior. These rooms one can find all the artifacts of the dragon war. It took many years to find all the lost objects but once again they are safe.”

The Jedi walked over to a near by rock and sat down. “Yesterday you said the Empire was on the planet what happened next?”

Once again the air filled with images out of the past. “It only took the stormtroppers a few minutes to reach the clearing. Once there we found out that all of their weapons work. But thanks to the old Jedi master we were able to fix our weapons as well. After several minutes of fighting we managed to defect the stormtroppers. And once again I decided that I would have to with hold information from the party. Before the master had died he told me where to find the material to repair the ship. But knowing I would need the party’s help to defeat the evil on this planet I decide to tell them after we won. So we traveled several days north east and finally we arrived at a swamp. The party waded through the water until we arrived at a small village controlled by the creatures that were tracking us we removed two of the boats and floated deeper into the swamp. After several days we finally reached an outpost. The outpost was the size of a small city and patrolling it we saw several creature like the ones that had been tracking us. Believing this to be the base of the evil force of the planet WE place the explosive warhead on the main support beam of the outpost. Then we began the long climb up into the outpost. After finding out that this was not the base but just an outpost we decided to go back and retrieve the explosive. Now however we found out that Mishavek had found three small furry creatures and the old Jedi’s house. And one of the creatures was missing. It seems the creatures were intelligent and one had decide to remain back and place with the object we left under the outpost. When the creature returned we found out it had set off the timer on the explosive. The party ran out of the outpost onto a bridge that connected the outpost to something very far off. The party barely made it to the first bridge support before the outpost exploded the explosion destroyed half of the bridge. And the shock wave knocked the party unconscious.

When the party awoke we found ourselves on born a ship of some kind. It turned out to be an Imperial space Galleon. While exploring the ship we discovered a family of wookies and a human, later we discovered his name was Clarke, being held prisoner . Using the mad wookies as a distraction we escaped the detention hall and ran to the cargo holds. Inside we discovered a star dragon that had been captured. The group worked to free it from it’s dark Force cage. Once we freed it we told to get out of the ship running down to the landing bay we found a shuttle. We quickly launched the shuttle and watched as the galleon exploded and crashed into a near by Imperial star destroyer. We quickly took the shuttle back down to the planets surface. However we lost power again and crashed near the bridge leading way from the outpost.

After freeing ourselves from the crashed shuttle, the party quickly walked to the base which was as several miles across. We followed Mishaveks three pets to a opening in the wall where we could sneak inside the base. Once inside we managed to talk two of the natives into allowing us to barrow their speeders.”

Above Parax the image show a fight in which the group manages to kill several of the planet natives and take there speeders.

“We traveled to the tower at the center of town using the speeder we entered the town and climbed the stairs. While another group attacked the Imperial camp near by. After several hours the party reached the end of the stairs ., however they were only half way up the tower. After walking a while the group masked themselves as stormtropper taking several prisoners up inside the tower. Several moments later the group was in front of a dark Jedi and stormtroppers. But thanks to the dirty pair the group fought our way to freedom. However this was also the first time I faced a dark Jedi in lightsaber combat. After defeating the dark Jedi we found a door and behind it a holocron but when I reached for it I was teleported to the top of the tower. The party quickly followed and we found our selves face to face with two dragons we fought our way through them. When we finally made it inside the inner room we found out we were to late. My brother had fused with the Force on the planet and was free. We quickly left the tower and headed back to the ship.

In the mean time we discovered that the other group that had attack the Imperial base had managed to destroy the base and require several dragon artifacts. Several days later back aboard the Lovely Angle the group left the planet unaware of the new destiny before them.”

“After leaving the planet my old master appeared and told me about the destiny that had been foretold about three dragon riders. I was to teach the two party members, Mishavek and Alexander , the ways of the Force. Along with the help of the party we would have to stop the chaos from overrunning the galaxy.”

“Through all this we lost only one person. A human who we discovered crashed on the planet. The only possession he had was a crystal he found on the planet. That crystal now rest in the light lance in the far room. The crystal has the ability to focus the Force and magnify the abilities of the user. But a small warning if you take the light lance you also take the duties that come with being the defender of the dragon destiny.”

“That is all for today, tomorrow I will tell you more”

With the image of the Jedi master fading the young Jedi walked back into the far room with the skeleton of the dragon in it. There just as Parax had said was the lance. The Jedi could feel the Force flowing through the object. The Jedi slowly turned and left the room , he knew he was not ready for that responsibility.