Parkland Shooting

Here we go again, second verse same as the first.  A nut-job gets of a gun (legally) and shoots up a bunch of high school students.  My heart goes not to the victim’s families and the town in general.  It is terrible that we can no get control of these crazy people before they decide to act on the voices in their heads. Instead, we normalize strange behavior and mental illness, excusing it and leaving them alone.  And then we blame the guns.  Do we blame the fork for all the obesity deaths?  I don’t think so.  Just because these big ugly pieces of metal make ugly loud noises and look intimidating, we want to ban them.

I hate that our society is so divided on this issue but it comes down to two sides.  Left and Right.  Both sides see only one solution.  And unfortunately, even though they don’t see it, the left is winning.  I am more of the right persuasion and  prefer the approach of armed guards and armed teachers (that are willing), with security pass doors at all entrances.  Yea all this will cost money, but it would be worth it.  Texas and Arkansas have had armed teachers for a while, and of course, they have not had a shooting.

We have a mental health issue in this country and ever since we abandoned the asylum system, these nut cases are roaming the streets.  This guy threw up all the red flags and every law that was in place to stop him, failed.  Sure, we could raise the age limit to 21 for weapons like an AR-15, but would that have stopped this guy?  Criminals will be criminals and this guy would have found another way.  Evil is evil, no matter what it is armed with.

Our freedoms are being stripped on a daily basis and it is all in the same of short term safety and “feel-goods.”  But it is not changing the single fact that evil exists and at least one evil nutcase is going to slip through our cracks.  One guy got an AR-15, took an Uber to the source of his anger – the school, and took his anger out on 17 innocent lives. That is evil incarnate.  We are all evil at heart.  We have all fallen short.  We have to find that good in one’s self to defeat evil.  How do we do that?  Good parenting and good education grounded in faith.

Ask yourself when you look at this situation, how many of these types of situations were thwarted?  The same week, a grandmother reported on one of her grand children after ready his or her blog online.  One is going to slip through all the laws you put down.  Laws are words!  You need actions.  Armed guards at the school.  Metal detectors.  Electronic locks with badge readers at each entry way.  And even with all that, I am certain something is going to slip through.

I do not claim to have all the answers.  I just know stripping our freedoms is not it.  All you libs went crazy supporting those protesting police violence in the NFL games, and now you want only the police to have these kinds of weapons.  Do you see the problem with this scenario?  We have weapons like this to fend off an oppressive government.  That is the basis of the 2nd Amendment.  The government is to fear its people and be limited by the laws.  The laws to do give us freedom.  Limiting government does.



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