Peloquin (and the Qualm)

Peloquin (and the Qualm)

Species: Vampiric Demon

Type: Supernatural Creature

Origin: Unknown


Documented Notes

Peloquin is a rogue amongst the Breed, sometimes making his own rules, many times breaking the Law in the process. He has a passion for meat, especially human flesh, that sometimes drives him beyond Lylesburg’s control. However, because he is the best warrior they have, they keep him around. It is said that the spirit of the Breed within him outshines any transgressions he may have done.

His other passion are females. He is a regular Casanova amongst the Breed. Nothing stops him from showing his “affections”.

Peloquin is vampyric in nature – one bite spread his “blight”. If he doesn’t kill it, the Natural victim then becomes one of Peloquin’s tribe. Against Midian Law, Peloquin occasionally ventures out into the Natural world with his tribe called the Qualm. He seeks to increase his tribe’s membership.

Add-ins & Elaborations

Peloquin has a craving for human flesh and apparently it’s a strong one. He can live off of animal flesh, but human flesh is his favorite. Flesh feeds his “beast” side – the demonic creature he can summon once he is on his hunt.

Peloquin’s bite does causes a change in his victim. Once the victim dies, the bite revives the victim as an undead, with a cold and heart-unbeating. They are now a member of the Qualm. The blight he carries and spreads is closely linked to the Nightbreed spirit and the Blood of Baphomet. It brings out ” the inner demon” of the victim, creating the beast side of the newly anointed Qualm.

Fresh blood triggers the change to “the Beast” in all the Qualm and each Qualm appears different – each victim has their own inner beast.

Peloquin is very strong and virtually unstoppable. He can not be killed by normal means. He has a sensitivity to the Sun, but can survive in it for a time. Direct sunlight prevents his transformation to the Beast.

Natural Weapons/Abilities

Claws, Bite, Enhanced Strength and Agility while in Bestial Form (+5 to Physical stats).

Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Slight Shapeshift (into Bestial form)

– His bite changes the victim (Humans only) and brings out the inner demon of the victim – a combination of fear and instinct that drives the bestial side of the new member of Peloquin’s tribe, the Qualm.


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