Sessions 17 – 22: Pentateuch. The Planet of Enigmas

Sessions 17 – 22: Pentateuch. The Planet of Enigmas

Dates 1/6/2007 to 4/28/2007

Where: Pentateuch

The journey to Pentateuch begins with the departing of two comrades to higher callings, the return of one, the revealing of a secret, a life changed forever. Brother Jonas finds his family. The mysteries of the Marabouts await.

Key Theme: Perfect Patterns

Throughout this series of adventures, I wanted to focus on a key concept of Order and Power of Perfect Patterns. I started to develop a type of Runecasting called Perfect Patterns. This was supposed to at the heart of Doramos’s work. The first location the group goes to is Heliopolis.

With Perfect Patterns comes Order. The items the party carries conflict with that Order and things manifest at times – visions, ghosts, and strange sounds.

The Missing Fifth Engine – 3rd of Five

Pentateuch once had Five terraforming engines as part of Doramos’s plan. However, one vanished. As the party later finds out, it is actually hidden in the mountains of Pentateuch and the players will have to make peace with the Marabouts to find it.

The Marabouts

The Marabouts are a fanatical tribe of cultist monk/rangers that feel the Sirocco is a true manifestation of the Holy Flame. They are proscribed by the Church. They access it’s power through the Runecasting of Perfect Patterns.

Expletus Magnus – There is also a Terrorist off-shoot of the Marabouts lead by a strange humanoid (Trinatas Clone) – Expletus Magnus – The Great Complete.

Project Trinatas

Originated on Pentateuch, there were 3 groups of 3, each grown in 3 labs ( for a total of 27 clones) of Ur-Obun/Human hybrids, in an Engineer attempt to tap extraordinary powers.

Renegades – A small group of the 27 broke off and went rogue.

Journey through the South Mountains

With the Marabouts help, the party journeys through the cold south mountains to find the Fifth Engine. Despite the tales of demons and horrible creatures in these mountains, the group journeyed onward. Encountering Bandithens, Mapinguari, and Sasquatches, the party found the Fifth Engine.

The Summoning of the Sirocco

Once the party found the Fifth Engine of Pentateuch, they had to find a way to summon the Ghost Wind, to focus it through the Eye – the Oculus. This would produce the next piece of the Collection.

Lost ideaThe Ghost of Doramos

Not sure if I used this idea but at some point, I wrote that the Sirocco is actually the spirit of Doramos.

Lost Idea – The Empyrean Angels

Not sure if I used this idea, but in my notes I have a idea where the Engines actually trap an Empyrean Angel to power them.